Sales taxes stay strong in September

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Cassville receipts sustain upward trend

For the fifth consecutive month, despite the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, sales tax revenues to Barry County and its cities mostly rose in September over receipts a year ago.

The September comparison was challenged by the Missouri Department of Revenue a year ago, adding two distributions of interest to the monthly total, and none this year. Nonetheless municipal county totals edged over the 2019 sums even if county-wide taxes lagged.

Barry County's two older .5 percent sales taxes that pay general bills and road maintenance each took in almost $224,558, a drop of $14,182, or 6 percent, for the month. For the year, Barry County's two sales taxes for the general fund have received $2,189,156.86 to date, an increase of 7 percent over a year ago.

Barry County's seven cities generating sales tax received $779,878.23 in September, up 5 percent from a year ago. Seligman and Wheaton joined Purdy in falling short of the mark a year ago, though Seligman topped the totals not counting the interest disbursement.

Cassville received $107,727.68 from its 1 percent general fund sales tax, up $8,153.51, or 8 percent, from a year ago. Cassville's general fund after three quarters of 2020 reached $707,866.97, up 7 percent from a year ago.

Seligman's 1 percent general fund tax generated $11,558.31, down $216.43 against last September's sum with interest. So far in 2020, Seligman's sales tax has provided $100,188.44, up 18 percent from last year's pace.

Wheaton's 1 percent sales tax produced $5,357.35 for the month, down $764.72 from a year ago. Wheaton's .5 percent sales tax, which generated 35 percent of what the 1 percent tax provided, an odd consistent pattern for the city, was down only $44.14. Wheaton's 1 percent tax has yielded $53,712.38 in 2020, up 31 percent from a year ago. The half-cent tax sum is up 37 percent.

Washburn's 1 percent tax for paying general yielded $5,266.17 for the month, up $755.40 from last September. For 2020, the tax has produced $25,399.37, up 19 percent from last year's pace.

Exeter's 1 percent tax yielded $2,184.08, up $536.84 from a year ago. For the year, Exeter's tax has generated $18,236.48, up 12 percent from a year ago.

Purdy's 1 percent sales tax supporting the city's general fund received $6,725.79 in September, bigger than the first seven years of having only one general fund tax, but smaller than the last two years. The sum was down $1,318.13 from a year ago. With receipts down in two of three months in the current fiscal year, the general fund at $17,997.69 is down over $2,000 from last year's pace.

Purdy's 2020 general fund sum of $53,910.97 is down 3 percent from a year ago.

Monett's two sales taxes supporting its general fund generated $207,032.67, the second-highest September total on record and up $7,088.21, or 3.5 percent, from a year ago. The record was nearly $17,000 higher in 2015. Halfway through the current fiscal year, Monett's general fund has received $1,127,324.26 from sales tax, more than $71,000 ahead of last year's pace, topping the 2019 numbers in every month except April.

For 2020, Monett's sales tax has provided $1,630,4409.87 for paying general bills, up 5 percent over a year ago.

The sales tax supporting Barry County's 911/central dispatching system, at a rate of .375 percent, brought in $168,392.81, down by more than $10,000 compared to a year ago. The sum for 2020 of $1,313,431.91 is up 7 percent from last year's pace.

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