Wheaton streets get touched up

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Sealing, stripping work to increase street life

The city of Wheaton is working on Phase 2 of its street project for the year.

Josh Kinnaman, Wheaton utilities supervisor, said Cassville Sealing and Stripping got the bid for the street work for $8,500.

“They are sealing cracks and doing the crosswalks, as well,” he said. “We are working on the streets that haven’t been repaved in awhile to help increase their life span.”

These streets don’t necessarily need to be repaved at this time, but they do need some attention.

“Sealing and stripping them will last about five years before they need to be redone,” he said. “Every other year, we try to put focus on the streets and either repave a few or do some sealing and stripping.”

The sealing and stripping also costs less.

“Depending on how much money we have for the year, we have to make these decisions,” he said.

This project started on Friday and was completed in about two days.

Streets that were worked on included: McQueen Avenue, Duncan Avenue, Barnett Avenue, Gardner Avenue and Alman Street.

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