Lisa Craft: Do your homework!

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

We have made it a practice to keep the subjects of our columns local.

We will probably continue to do that, with some exceptions, and this will be one of those.


We all began Jan. 1, 2020, with our normal optimism and with a chance at a new lease on life. At midnight, we celebrated and perhaps drank a glass of champagne or shared a kiss with a loved one in hopes that 2020 would bring positive turns in our lives, like new jobs, marriages or perhaps that new baby. It serves as a reason to look at a period of 12 months in a way that we can close the previous years in hopes that the future will bring a new and positive outlook.

I am not trying to paint a black picture here or be a negative Nancy. You don’t need me to point out that 2020 has not been what we had hoped.

Personally, this year is something that I did not ever expect to live to see. The majority of it, yes, we have experienced before. I am not downplaying the importance of this year’s events, but the majority of us around my age are familiar with riots and social unrests. We watched it during the Vietnam War, in the 60s and 70s. We have had the wildfires, earthquakes, massive explosions and economic downfalls — but I never in my many years thought I would live long enough to experience a pandemic.

COVID-19 has been called a flu, it has been called deadly and it has been called a hoax. The world has been turned upside down because of it, and many have lost their livelihoods.

The pandemic has turned some into complete hermits, and for others, nothing has changed — they act like nothing has happened.

Now, let me make myself clear that I am not stating my opinion, even though this is an opinion column. I am printing facts, because I happen to be a news junky. I have listened to both sides of numerous subjects this year.

So, I will get to my main point of this column, I promise. We are approaching a very important time in this year of crazy upheaval — Nov. 3, the presidential election. You might ask yourself, why in the world am I bringing it up this early? Because, believe it or not, you might have a lot of homework to do!

I usually do not discuss politics, but I have recently found that when a political discussion arises (and believe me when I say political, I usually cringe), I will ask, “Why would you vote for that person?” The reply I would get would be, “Because of all he has done for us.”

Of course, at that point, I need to know more and ask what he has done. All I get is, “Well, more that anyone else has done.” I get no details, nothing about taxes, economy, healthcare, my future or retirement. Nothing.

And, the same is true of the opposite party. They don’t know why they don’t like the opponent. People can make fun of both of the candidates, when it comes to their speeches and some of their mistakes in their verbiage, but give me facts. Do your homework!

I am not going to take this opportunity to tell you to vote Democrat or Republican, but I will take this opportunity to tell you that our country needs a lot of help either way. I know a lot of people have told me that they are sick of hearing about it, sick of hearing about Trump and/or Biden.

Well folks, those are your choices to lead our country beginning in 2021. And if you do not know the background, the details or the accomplishments, how they believe or what they want to do for our future, then how can you wake up on Nov. 3 and consciously make a decision that will affect our families and future generations?

Also, I feel that this is a very important year to cast your vote. I have never been one to vote Democratic or Republican because of a lifelong family dedication to one particular party. I have never understood how someone could do that. I have always felt like you have to get to know the candidate and what they stand for.

Especially in the election of 2020, we have to listen, learn and vote for the person we believe is best, because in this day and age, the Republican and Democrat platforms seems to be fading. So, you have to make sure you believe in the person you vote for!

All I am asking is, do your homework, listen and hear the words coming out of the candidates mouths. Watch what they do. Is this a person you want for four years?

Some don’t put much importance on this vote, but folks, it is more important this year than it ever has been.

Do your homework and don’t let others do it for you!

Lisa Craft is the General Manager of the Cassville Democrat. She may be reached at 417-847-2610 or at community@monett-times.com.