Sales tax income still rising in August

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

County sales tax totals up by more than $125K for year

The economic pattern of local shoppers traveling less and shopping locally more has once again surfaced in sales tax to local cities and government entities.

Barry County’s two half-cent sales taxes for paying general bills and supporting road maintenance each generated $221,038, each up by nearly $49,689 or almost 29 percent. Totals for the year are both up by more than $125,000, showing the effects of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic have not impacted consumption of products from local stores, unlike the use of gasoline or witnessing live entertainment.

The seven Barry County cities collecting sales tax received $665,940.63, up 15.5 percent from last August. Every city saw rises over a year ago.

Cassville’s 1 percent sales tax for paying general bills received $88,006.57, up $13,924.25 or nearly 19 percent.

Seligman and Wheaton both nearly doubled last August’s receipts. Seligman took in $16,288.13 from its 1 percent general fund tax, up $7,591.90, while Wheaton received $4,497.23, up $2,210.27.

Exeter saw its third rise in four months, receiving $2,773.13 from its 1 percent general fund tax, up $1,066.55 from a year ago.

Washburn’s 1 percent tax produced $1,000.90, up a modest $196.86.

Purdy broke a three-month slide with its 1 percent sales tax paying general bills. Receipts of $6,330.41 were up $1,132.36 or nearly 22 percent from a year ago. The two-month fiscal year sum of $11,271.90 is nearly $900 below last year, while the 2020 sum of $47,185.18 is practically even with last year, up by nearly $30.

Monett’s two sales taxes for 1 percent supporting the city’s general fund generated $177,556.09, a new August record, up over 8 percent from last August and the fourth consecutive month of higher returns. That pushed the five-month fiscal year total to $920,291.59, also a record. The 2020 general fund total of $1,423,408.20 is nearly $70,000 ahead of last year’s pace.

Barry County’s separate .375 percent sales tax supporting its 911/central dispatching system received $165,755.69, up $37,507.24. The 2020 sum of $1,145,039.10 is up over last August by $85,000.

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