Seligman deals with park damage

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

City accepting bids for old police cruiser

The Seligman City Council dealt with many issues at their last meeting, including damage at a city park, purchasing a floor cleaner and bids on an old police cruiser.

Brian Nichols, Seligman city clerk, said a citation was issued for July 29 to an individual who was responsible for damage and theft at the DD park.

“In the late hours of the evening, the individual took down three swings,” he said. “The individual managed to get up fairly high to disconnect those straps.”

There was also damage to another piece of equipment, which was able to be repaired in house with parts the city already had.

“Some hardware, parts and pieces of equipment that were stolen did have to be replaced,” Nichols said. “There was about $400 in damages, which is being added to the restitution order for the individual to pay.”

Additionally, the city has gone back and fourth on options for a floor cleaner for the community building and city hall.

“The mayor wanted to purchase a $1,400 floor cleaner or buffer, but the board was on the fence,” he said. “I called a local company who said they would charge 90 cents to $1 per square foot to do the work.”

The building is 3,000 square feet and would cost nearly $3,000.

“After speaking with them, it was recommended that the board accept the machine from one of the aldermen, which can be used to clean the floor and purchase the supplies needed to clean the floor,” Nichols said. “It cost the city around $100 for the supplies needed.”

Finally, the city has put a 2005 Crown Victoria out for sealed bids.

“It is an old police car,” Nichols said. “We started the process about a week ago and already have a few bids in.

“We will continue to run the offer until Sept. 21, and if someone is interested in it, they can mail in a sealed bid or come by city hall.”

The starting bid for the vehicle is $300.

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