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Monday, August 17, 2020

Cassville fans to face new rules to attend football games

One of the biggest questions raised by area sports fans has been will spectators be allowed into high school sporting events.

With the regular season just a week away, the initial response is, indeed, a yes.

Cassville football fans will run into a pair of similar attendance rules — the 50 percent rule right off the bat.

On Friday, the Wildcats travel to Republic for its annual jamboree. Each team will run 36 offensive plays.

However, the stadium will only allow itself to fill to 50 percent capacity in a first-come, first-served situation to comply with Greene County Health Department rules, per Republic Athletic Director Trevyor Fisher.

While Fisher does not expect there to be an issue with seating due to the facilities large seating capacity, not every school can say that.

Each school is dealing with the COVID-19 situation and fans in a different way. Wildcat Nation will find a new strategy in its Week 1 matchup at Mt. Vernon.

In the Big 8 Conference, 10 schools have not placed restrictions upon the number of fans allowed in its stadiums.

However, four have, including Springfield Catholic, Marshfield, Logan-Rogersville and Mt. Vernon, the last of which entertains Cassville in the season opener.

Those four schools are allowing only 50 percent occupancy into the stadiums.

“As of this moment, I have been told that [we] can expect around 350-355 tickets,” said Doug Martin, Cassville athletic director. “We have 71 players on our roster, and the only fair way that I know is to take that allotment and divide it among those players. We want to make sure that their families can get into the game.”

Martin said it would not be fair to turn the situation into a first-come, first-served event at Cassville High School.

“Things change daily at this point,” Martin said. “We have no plans to limit fan attendance here in Cassville, but we will remind people of social distancing guidelines and also understand that if the Barry County Health Department changes its requirements, we will adopt new rules to remain in compliance. Safety is of the upmost importance.”

The district understands that there will be some upset individuals, but they will comply with the ticket allocation, Martin said.

“A person must take the ticket to the gatekeeper and pay admission [in Mt. Vernon],” he said. “No ticket. No admission.”

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