Cassville city projects continue

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Budget being evaluated due to COVID-19

In the full swing of summer, cities generally begin to see an uptick in project completion, but with COVID-19 (coronavirus) complications, some of those projects are being re-evaluated.

According to David Brock, Cassville public works director, one of the items on the 2020 project budget was asphalt resurfacing of a couple of locations, which has been completed.

“Nottingham and Tudor, as well as the city park entrance,” he said. “We have had a lot of complements on Nottingham and Tudor.

“We still have some seal coating to do, and we are expecting to be able to do that in August. That is the best weather for it.”

As a safety net while dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, the city did not award approximately $140,000 in projects that were previously budgeted.

“We made bidders aware of that,” he said. “Currently, the revenues do not look horrendous yet, [and with more discussion and planning] maybe we can complete more asphalt projects, but at this time we are still unsure.”

If a city has to cut their budgets, Brock said it is best to do it out of the capital projects fund.

“The paving of the city park road entrance and the demo done on the 7th street bridge, which was mostly pavement that needed to be removed and some bank structuring, was done with money awarded by the FEMA grant,” he said. “They gave us that money in 2015 to rebuild the bridge, but with the stalling and being unable to come up with a plan that worked for everyone, instead of rebuilding they approved for it to be spent on those other projects.”

There is still desire to rebuild the bridge, but it won’t be done with the money from FEMA.

“Although we budgeted the $140,000 that won’t be awarded, we haven’t received all of that yet,” he said. “Sales tax is still coming in every month, and it is possible that the total $140,000 won’t come in.”

Presently, city administrators are working on a mid-year budget to account for issues created by COVID-19.

“We are looking at projections for the year end,” Brock said. “Things are looking pretty normal, and activity in the community looks normal.”

The city is still planning on completing the seal coating projects for work done this year, as well as including areas that were excluded in 2019 due to weather.

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