Bob Mitchell: Independence Day a new experience

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Independence Day 2020 is this Saturday, but will it be a new experience for Americans of all walks of life?

Under the coronavirus restrictions being wisely observed by residents of our 50 states who care about the health and welfare of themselves, their families and friends, there will be many happenings, observances and normal holiday events that will not and should not be around.

Men of science and continued numbers listed in COVID-19 statistics throughout the nation would indicate their ongoing belief that this deadly virus still lurks throughout the nation and is not going away any time soon. People who pay no attention to the people of medicine will be the ones who continue to spread the pandemic instead of making things better for all of us.

Unlike the flu pandemic of decades ago, generations of today have grown accustomed to a free-wheeling holiday full of activities and socialization for a number of days to observe the 234th anniversary of these United States of America. Without this virus limiting or prohibiting some of the usual events, it might mean settling down to a minor pace, possibly with a well deserved family participation event instead of large public observances.

As the statement so attached to the situation, “We’re all in this together” can be a reminder for this Independence Day activity list and who knows, taking this statement to heart might save your life, or someone’s life that is close to you!

A short history lesson

Those forefathers, who all those years toward the beginning of this nation, didn’t have it all that easy at the beginning since most were individuals, were those with family and many with considerable means. That is before they became involved in creating a new nation that was supposed to be governed by a well-composed Constitution.

Little did they know that their welfare would be short lived simply because of their involvement in pulling the Colonies together into an independent nation, away from the rule of an English king. But that is exactly what happened to them. Some went into hiding, fortunes were lost, families were separated, to never be joined together again, and others persecuted in other ways.

With all the difficulties before them in their stand and actions for independence, there was not a single one of the Declaration of Independence signers who wavered from their actions.

There are still some of those persons in the government today that these people started well over two hundred years ago. There have been national struggles before and their will be some in the future, but the true Constitution folks will not stumble from their thinking that this nation must survive any problems that might be occurring.

Looking ahead

Entering the seventh month of the year tells us we are just four months away from November, a time that should be one that Americans look back in history and start thinking what is best for the country that once again will become a beacon for others in freedom or heading in that direction.

The election in front of us can and will solve some other problems that exist in the nation. We need people in charge who stand for Democracy, and Constitutional leaders not centered toward small segments in this country.

Hot summer ahead

We’ve already had our taste of hot weather with more on the way according to the Almanac. There might be the possibility of summer moister if monsoon activities in the southwest materialize.

Best fishing days this month are 6th through the 10th. Then listed as good fishing days are 4th, 5th, 18th, 19th, 27th, 28th, and 31st. This time of the year was always ideal, so far as my boat was concerned to head to the waters in the cool of the evening and fish until you gave out.

Fishing partner Jack Nickols and I were known to head to the lake about midnight and fish until daylight. Make-up tournaments used to start in the evening and run until dawn.

On one such event, fishing with then County Treasurer Vedas Davis, he was running the boat when we passed a large tree only to have a woodpecker fly out of a hole and nearly knock him out into the water.

Good wishes for July 4

For this special and sacred holiday for America, our family sends their special and best wishes for this Saturday. Keep this Fourth of July safe and enjoyable for your family and all your friends.

Bob Mitchell is the former editor and publisher of the Cassville Democrat. He is a 2017 inductee to both the Missouri Press Association Hall of Fame and Missouri Southern State University’s Regional Media Hall of Fame.