Moon running on voting record

Saturday, June 27, 2020

House veteran wants larger voice in state politics

After serving 8 years in the State House of Representatives, Mike Moon, R-Ash Grove, is looking for a larger voice in state politics as he takes aim at the District 29 State Senate seat.

Moon, 61, said initially, he wasn’t planning to run, but a friend changed his mind.

“A friend approached me and said he saw what all I was doing in the House and wanted to see what I could do in the Senate to promote smaller government, rein in regulations and limit taxes,” Moon said. “He said in the Senate, I would have a bigger voice to get things heard, so I’m hoping I can at least get some hearings on some bills and get these conversations started and find success.

“There would also be fewer people I would need to bring to my side, and many others who already share the same values as me. So, I think it would be easier to build a coalition and pass bills that would benefit the state.”

Moon said a couple of his biggest goals, if elected, would be to eliminate the corporate tax and dissolve the bipartisan committee that votes on rules.

“I attempted to eliminate the corporate tax three years ago by gradually diminishing it,” Moon said. “There was a provision in January this year that moved it from 6 percent to 4 percent, and I tried to amend that to get it to zero over the next two years. I believe the corporate tax is almost always passed on to consumers anyway, and with that additional 4 percent, businesses may be allowed to give raises, buy materials or do whatever they want to do with it.”

Moon said the bipartisan committee that votes to approve rules does not meet often, so he would rather make it to where the General Assembly votes to approve all rules.

“It’s also my goal not just to pass bills, but to restore liberty to the people,” Moon said. “We need to make sure every issue is constitutional and does not infringe upon individuals’ freedoms.”

Moon said when it comes to his record, his accomplishments speak for themselves.

“I worked hard attempting to stop unconstitutional legislation, and I have one great success waiting to be signed by the Governor,” Moon said. “It reverses action taken by the Department of Revenue (DoR) against businesses across the state when they collected unnecessary taxes. They reinterpreted the tax code and collected four years of back taxes, but they’ve admitted they were wrong.”

Moon said the change affected businesses like dance and martial arts studios, as well as wedding venues, one of which is in Verona.

“My bill was heard, but then postponed because we thought the DoR would make it right,” Moon said. “But, they didn’t, and after the break we had for coronavirus, it was too late to get the bill passed. So, I amended the budget to get those businesses their money back.”

Moon said it’s moments like that in state legislature that separate him from his opponent, David Cole, R-Cassville.

“[Cole] has never cast a vote and has no [voting] record,” Moon said. “If someone asks where he stands, they will have to take his word. I have a voting record, and a lot of people run away from theirs, but I run on mine.”

Moon was elected in a special election in April 2013. He worked in marketing for Mercy Hospital for 27 years. He currently works on his farm as a cattle rancher.

Moon is a member of the High Street Baptist Church, where he serves as a deacon, mission committeeman, and Sunday school teacher. He also is a member of the Springfield-Southeast Rotary Club, where he was the recipient of the “Lend-a-Hand” award.

Moon is a 1977 graduate of Western Branch High School in Chesapeake, Va. He received his bachelor’s in secondary education from Southwest Missouri State University in 1985.

Moon was born in Kannapolis, N.C., on Dec. 31, 1958. He lives on his family farm in Ash Grove with his wife, Denise. They have five children: Amanda, Bryan, Erin, David and Jason.

Moon and Cole will square off in the Republican Primary Election on Aug. 4.

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