Emmy: ‘A Barbie makes everything better’

Wednesday, June 17, 2020
At the Grand Opening of Emmy’s Lemonade Stand on June 6, customers lined up around her stand to buy fresh squeezed lemonade. Jordan Privett/jprivett@cassville-democrat.com

4-year-old dreams of reaching out to children in hospitals

For most 4-years-olds, the worries of the day include things like their favorite snacks and cartoons, but for little Emmy Clevenger, the focus is greater.

On a trip to the store, where she and her siblings were allowed to pick out a toy, Emmy chose a lemonade stand playhouse.

Mom Mandy Clevenger works each day with Emmy to pursue her dream to make children smile by raising money at her lemonade stand to give toys to children in hospitals. Jordan Privett/jprivett@cassville-democrat.com

“Then, we were sitting on the couch and a St. Jude commercial had come on,” Mandy Clevenger, Emmy’s mom, said. “There was a little girl in a hospital bed and Emmy said, ‘If I gave her a Barbie, she would feel better.’”

Emmy decided she wanted to spend the money she earned from her lemonade stand to buy toys for children in hospitals.

“It kind of went viral after that,” Mandy said. “People started sharing the post online and donating to the cause — it was amazing.”

Emmy’s Lemonade Stand’s Grand Opening was on June 6, and some of her biggest supporters were sisters 9-year-old Peyton Vogt, and 5-year-old Brooklyn Vogt, of Cassville. Emmy Clevenger was happy to see her friends support her cause. Jordan Privett/jprivett@cassville-democrat.com

The plan is to donate toys like Barbies to children in local hospitals, but to save money and donate a check to St, Jude’s.

“We have some close ties to the St. Jude hospital,” Mandy said. “Blazi Lowe and her family are dear friends of ours, and we have seen the impact St. Jude has had on her treatment.”

Donations will be delivered in honor of Blazi.

“My 4-year-olds motto is, ‘A Barbie fixes everything,’” Mandy said. “Emmy has such a big heart, it makes me proud to see her dream this up.”

Aside from the lemonade stand at 11000 Farm Road 2182 in Cassville, the Clevengers set up a lemonade stand at events too.

“We did the rodeo and a benefit,” Mandy said. “At the rodeo, we sold out of everything. There was so much support.”

Mandy said the local businesses are reaching out to be involved and support the lemonade stand as well.

“It is so very much appreciated,” she said. “We would like to hand a check of $10,000 to St. Jude someday.”

Mandy said the first thing Emmy says when people approach her lemonade stand is, “Welcome to my lemonade stand, thank you for supporting me. How can I help you?”

“Summer is a great time for a lemonade stand, and with doing events, we can keep steady,” Mandy said. “We bought into a franchise, so it is Bill’s Lemonade, the same kind you would get somewhere else. Emmy’s cause is Emmy’s Dream — a Barbie fixes everything, but her Facebook page is Emmy’s Lemonade Stand.”

People can follow the Facebook page for updates on how to donate, where events will be that Emmy is setting up at and more.

“I’m shy,” Emmy Clevenger said. “But, thank you to all of my supporters and remember, a Barbie fixes everything.”

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