Seligman’s repaired storm sirens sounding off

Wednesday, June 17, 2020
Jeffery Hobbs, Seligman public works employee, stood next to the storm siren to show its size. Brian Nichols, Seligman city clerk, said the horns were large enough to place basketballs inside of them. Contributed photo

New brushes fix sirens installed in early 2000s

The city of Seligman recently did work on the storm siren on the city’s north side of town, after noticing some issues.

Brian Nichols, Seligman city clerk, said he estimates that the siren was put in sometime in the early 2000s.

“One of the individuals that put it back up said he installed them the first time,” he said. “We noticed in January that it wasn’t going off along side of the second siren.”

The city called Blue Valley Public Safety to come out for a service call, and they said the siren had a bad motor and there were no longer any parts to replace it.

“The service call was $250, then they gave us a quote for $21,000 to replace it,” Nichols said. “The Barry Electric Cooperative came out and took the siren down from the pole, they also replaced the pole and put it back up for us. They saved us a $400-$500 service call to just take it down, so we are very thankful.”

After the siren was taken down, the city called Epperly Electric Motor Sales and Services, who said the motor just needed some new brushes. They were able to repair the issue for $150.

“Honestly, it was more work to take it down and put it back than fix the issue,” he said. “We are also grateful for Epperly Electric for their services.”

Epperly Electric Sales and Services put in the new brushes and assured the city the siren should last for a long time.

“It was fixed and ready to go back up on April 10, and the Barry Electric Cooperative put it back for us on May 4,” Nichols said. “The first time it was tested it didn’t go off, but I reset it manually, and the last two times it has been used, it worked.”

All in all, the total cost came out to about $900, which is more than $20,000 less than originally expected.

“The city of Seligman would like to extend our gratitude once more to the Barry Electric Cooperative, as well as, Epperly Electric Sales and Services,” Nichols said.

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