Wastewater upgrades to keep rain out

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Estimated $280K project

Budgeted for the 2020 year are a number of projects for the city of Cassville, one being the wastewater system.

David Brock, Cassville public works director, said the main purpose is to reduce the amount of rainwater that filters into the city’s pipes.

“There will be a focus on the valley floors with a goal to rehabilitate the flood plane,” he said. “Anywhere that run-off concentrates.”

The city council authorized for easements to be acquired for the project.

“A fair market price will be paid for property if needed, and we will ask people to donate as well,” Brock said. “The purpose is to keep the sewer rates down in the long term, as well and eliminate environmental issues the system has.”

Additionally, the city is authorized to use eminent domain if necessary.

“It is very rare that a negotiation with a property owner where you choose to do that,” Brock said. “It is better dollar wise to come to an agreement. A lot of times, that is only done for expediency.”

According to Brock, for the majority of landowners this will be a relatively easy process with temporary easements.

“It will mostly be reconstruction,” he said. “In a few areas, we will be redoing pipes.”

This is a 2020 project, and Brock hopes to go to construction this year.

“The budget for the project is large scale because it is all over town,” he said. “We expect it to play out over several months.”

There are 28 permanent and temporary easements authorized.

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