Barry County entering Phase II

Friday, June 12, 2020

Businesses may fully open, required to continue enhanced hygiene practices

The Barry County Commission and the Barry County Health Department, as a part of the Barry County Phase II reopening plan and Gov. Mike Parson’s Show-Me Strong Recovery plan, are announcing these rules for the reopening of all businesses in Barry County.

The orders and rules are in effect from June 16-30.

The current Barry County Public Health Emergency Declaration is set to expire on June 30. Barry County Health Department Administrator Roger Brock said, unless the current situation changes there is no plan to renew the declaration.

David Compton, Director of Barry County Office of Emergency Management said the Barry County Disaster Declaration would remain in effect to allow for continued response and recovery from the COVID-19 emergency.

The rules are intended to allow Barry County businesses to return to mostly unrestricted operations. Businesses will have to continue enhanced hygiene practices by ensuring frequently touched surfaces are cleaned frequently.

Pursuant to Section 192.300 RSMo and CSR 20-20.050(3), the Board of Trustees of the Barry County Health Department are authorized and have promulgated orders intended to enhance the public health and prevent the infectious, contagious, communicable, or dangerous diseases, such as the COVID-19 virus, in the County.

The Barry County Health Department is authorized to promulgate such mandatory or advisory rules, policies, and guidance as is necessary and appropriate to implement the order. Mandatory rules and policies so promulgated shall have the force of law to the greatest extent possible.

These rules are a phased community mitigation process that allow businesses to return to full operations while managing the likelihood COVID-19 spread in the community. If these rules are not complied with or prove ineffective, the Health Department reserves the right to institute additional and more stringent mandatory rules.

The Barry County Health Department, pursuant to the Emergency Declarations of the Barry County Health Department Broad of Trustees and the Missouri Department of Health and Human Services, will carry out and enforce these orders by any legal means. The Department, upon notice of non-compliance with these orders, may initiate legal action to seek a court judgement to ensure compliance.

All persons, organizations, and businesses are recommended to use enhanced hygiene practices. Business owners and organizers are responsible to ensure surfaces that are frequently touched must be wiped with an appropriate antimicrobial solution that is allowed to air dry between individual users. An easy way to do this is using a bleach solution (1/3 cup of bleach in 1 gallon of water) in a spray bottle, sprayed on the surface and not wiped.

The order also recommends that individuals and/or businesses maintain physical distancing source control masking requirements in certain circumstances. It is strongly recommended that persons at a higher risk of serious illness from COVID-19 including those greater 65 years of age, who are immunocompromised or have chronic medical conditions should limit travel and wear a cloth face covering in public.

“Wearing a face covering is intended to protect those around you,” Brock said. “Face coverings are primarily intended to prevent those who may be infected with COVID, but have no symptoms, from spreading the disease to others. In an effort to protect customers, individuals may request a service provider, who will be within 6 feet, to wear a cloth face covering during their interaction.”

Residents re encouraged to wear reusable and launderable cloth masks when in public places, cover coughs, practice physical distancing, clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces and frequently wash hands.

“These rules represent a move to make prevention of COVID-19 a matter of personal responsibility,” Compton said. “County Officials will continue to monitor the situation closely and, as necessary take additional actions, but each person must be responsible for their part in reducing the risk of additional cases of COVID-19.”

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services is operating a hotline for residents and health care providers to call for information and guidance about COVID-19.The statewide hotline number is 877-435-8411. The hotline is being operated by medical professionals and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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