Cassville Dispensary coming soon

Wednesday, June 10, 2020
Joe Casper and Benji Elliott, employees of Lowe Construction, work on the drive through addition on the Cassville Dispensary. Jordan Privett/

Business adjusting to changes in plans, adding a drive through

After months and months of working on educating the community on the medical marijuana proposals in 2019, finding a place to setup a dispensary and then applying for that license, Lisa Roark, owner of The Cassville Dispensary can finally see an end in sight.

Constant construction being done on an old store front on State Highway 76 is coming to an end, and Roark is planning for the next step.

Donnie Elliott, employee at Lowe Construction, works on the drive through addition to the Cassville Dispensary. Jordan Privett/

“We have been working with two separate buyer groups,” she said. “One specifically, Glass House, I have been speaking with closely for six months and they had an inspection on June 3.”

The dispensary could be opened as early as July, but there is no product at this time.

“The product has to come from Missouri cultivation,” Roark said. “As soon as they pass inspection, they can put product in the ground.

“We are looking at September before we see it available.”

Roark said there has been such an interest from the area.

“Specifically, a lot of people are going ahead and getting their card to home cultivate,” she said. “Every day, we get 15 or more calls asking when we will be open and have product.”

The groups Roark had planned to work with initially are working to appeal their denial.

“I am still hopeful that I will be able to use those local sources, but right now. I have no options to,” she said.

As far as construction goes on the building, interior walls have gone up and plumbing and electric are going in at the same time.

“We are adding a drive through, which is a big project, as well as concreting the enter parking lot,” Roark said. “It is all very exciting.”

However, with money going out at this time and no money coming in, Roark will be happy when the doors can finally open.

“Currently, I have two managers working full-time to get all the safety regulations set up,” she said. “I am so ready to open. I think this will be fantastic for the community. We will be adding jobs, and it will be even safer than a typical medical pharmacy.”

Roark said she expects that over time, it will be better accepted by more people.

“The number of employees is quickly increasing,” Roark said. “I expected to have 10 originally, but with the amount of interest in the dispensary, I am now thinking 20 employees.”

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