While students away, builders make headway

Wednesday, May 20, 2020
In the vintage wing, most interior walls have been eliminated, and the nearly gutted building is being prepared for new electrical work. Jose Garcia, foreman with Norbury Electric and Apprentice Nicholas Norbury, reviewed the blueprints for the old electrical lines. Jordan Privettt/jprivett@cassville-democrat.com

Vision 150 projects moving forward at faster pace

While the Cassville school district has been void of its student body for nearly two months, the Vision 150 project list is moving right along, more quickly than previously planned.

Richard Asbill, Cassville superintendent, said during the wellness break, the district has had constant construction.

Moving forward on the Vision 150 early childhood expansion, Alexander Campbell, with Artisan, cut tracking for interior soffits on Friday. Jordan Privettt/jprivett@cassville-democrat.com

“We have completed the circle drive, and there are more former summer projects finishing up already as well,” he said. “The early childhood expansion exterior work has completed, and the interior work is continuing. We have finished the preliminary work on the inside and are starting to begin electrical and HVAC.”

The vintage wing demolition began less than a month ago.

“On the exterior, people wouldn’t be able to tell because everything is mainly interior work there.”

Thomas Milam, with Artisan, measured the space to attach the interior soffits to the early childhood expansion on Friday. Jordan Privettt/jprivett@cassville-democrat.com

The walls have been knocked out, and the electrical work that was originally scheduled for June or July will begin much sooner.

“We have ordered new door entrances for the middle school and put those on the schedule to be installed in June,” Asbill said. “Overall, planned projects are continuing to move forward, and we have been able to move several other projects up from their original timelines.”

As the district begins to shift focus to the possibility of summer school, many options are being adjusted for the safety of the students during summer learning.

“Some projects are also being worked on that are not a part of Vision 150,” Asbill said. “For example, we have been able to move up the project on brick exterior at the high school.”

Additionally, the high school locker rooms are almost completed, and upgrades to the high school gym, like a volleyball net, are being worked on.

“Another Vision 150 project that has been moved up is the remodel on the middle school family and consumer sciences classroom,” Asbill said. “It had been delayed until July or August, but we were able to move that up as well. Right now, we are removing walls and getting ready for the new cabinets and appliances.”

Asbill said Cassville students will return to school from this unexpected wellness break to exciting new changes in the Wildcat district.

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