New subdivision underway at Purdy

Wednesday, May 6, 2020
The architect’s concept drawing for the first phase of Akhtar Estates, a subdivision targeting completion of six homes by the end of the year. Contributed photo

Family vacates mobile home park for luxury development

The first new subdivision in Purdy in two decades has begun construction, and the developer expects to have the first homes built by the end of 2020.

Akhtar Estates is a six-home, six-acre project underway by Umar Akhtar. It is located on the west side of Highway 37, north of the junction with Highways B and C. Construction has started what A.R. Akhtar announced at the December 2019 Purdy City Council meeting, creating new housing for the community that had been frozen in housing for a decade due to sewer issues that have now been resolved.

A construction crew worked on the foundation for the first home in the Akhtar Estates, a six-acre gated subdivision underway on the west side of Purdy. Murray Bishoff/Cassville Democrat

The first phase is being built by A.R. Ahktar’s son, Umar, who owns six of the family’s 20 acres. Umar Akhtar said Friday the family has closed up its mobile home park and the remaining residents and trailers would be moved off-site by May 17.

Umar Akhtar said he planned to build one house per acre. These would be houses with 1,600 square feet of living space, plus garage and a full basement, putting them up to 2,200 square feet. While such a new home would sell in the $200,000 range in Monett, Akhtar said he plans to sell the six homes at $175,000 each.

Upscale housing in Purdy has been a dream of community leaders for decades. Akhtar, a 2015 Purdy High School graduate, has been working in construction for a number of years, notably in the Dallas, Texas, area. He has worked with his father, who has been buying, remodeling and flipping homes since 1998. He bought the mobile home park 10 years ago.

“We’re bringing a luxury feel and look at an affordable price to the community,” Akhtar said. “We’ll have city water. Each house will have its own septic tank. Everything is being built well over required guidelines.”

The senior Akhtar had gone to the city council to explore the possibility of hooking onto the city’s sewer pipeline to Monett. At that point, Akhtar talked about building 100 apartments. The sewer plan, as proposed by engineering firm Allgeier, Martin and Associates, would cost between $275,000 and $400,000. No resolution of that part of the plan has been announced.

Umar Akhtar has moved ahead with his plan to start the gated community. He talked about adding a swimming pool, tennis and basketball courts and a storm shelter in the future.

“I buy and sell houses to pay the bills, Akhtar said. “This is my full-time project now. I’m a General Electric dealer, so I’ll have GE appliances in all the homes. An acre will give people space, and they’re still in Purdy. When someone pulls into the community, this will be what they see, what the town looks like.”

Akhtar said because of the value of the homes selling for less than the market value in Monett, a buyer will have instant equity. The response so far has been very strong. Akhtar expects to have the first home finished by June and may have all six lots sold before he has the first town houses up. He plans to build two homes at a time, using a work crew he has used in the past, buying materials locally and subcontracting electric and plumbing work to local firms.

“For every house I sell, I’m donating a portion to a family that needs housing, like paying their mortgage for a year,” he said. “I know I will have provided much needed housing, even if I don’t make any money. We’ll have beautiful housing for this area that’s well needed.”

Akhtar Estates has a Facebook page showing conceptual drawings for the subdivision. Umar Akhtar can be reached by email at

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