Barry County announces Phase 1 reopening rules

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Social distancing, limits on gatherings still in effect

The Barry County Commission and the Barry County Health Department as a part of the Barry County Phase 1 Reopening plan and Gov. Mike Parson’s Show-Me Strong Recovery plan are announcing these rules for the reopening of all businesses in Barry County.

The orders and rules are in effect from May 4-31. These rules allow businesses to reopen while mitigating the potential spread of COVID-19 in Barry County. The rules include requirements for social distancing, maximum occupancy limits and source control masking requirements for some service providers.

“[People should still] avoiding large gatherings, wear simple masks and [understand] social distancing remains our best defense to the continued spread of COVID-19,” said Roger Brock, Barry County Health Department administrator. As we continue our move to reopen businesses and reduce restrictions Barry County, we will need everyone to do their part to help avoid additional cases of COVID-19.”

Residents are encouraged to wear reusable and launderable cloth masks when in public places, cover their cough, practice social distancing, clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces and frequently wash hands. At-risk individuals including older adults, people with chronic lung conditions, cardiac disease, diabetes and those who are immunocompromised should continue to limit non-essential travel.

COVID-19 symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure to the virus. Symptoms include cough, shortness of breath, or at least two of the following symptoms: fever, chills, repeated shaking with chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, and/or new loss of taste or smell.

“If you have these symptoms, call your local medical provider to seek testing and treatment,” Brock said. “People who feel they might have the virus need to give health care providers a warning so safety precautions can be taken before their arrival to help prevent the infection of health care workers and others at the facility.”

David Compton, director of Barry County Office of Emergency Management, reminds all residents it is likely that there continue to be many unknown cases of COVID-19 in the community. Emergency declarations continue to be in effect due to the continued threat of an outbreak of COVID-19 in Barry County. “Every resident must take responsibility for their role in preventing additional cases of COVID-19 in our communities,” he said.

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services is operating a hotline for residents and health care providers to call for information and guidance about COVID-19.The statewide hotline number is 877-435-8411. The hotline is being operated by medical professionals and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Reopening rules

Pursuant to Section 192.300 RSMo and CSR 20-20.050(3), the Board of Trustees of the Barry County Health Department are authorized and have promulgated orders intended to enhance the public health and prevent the infectious, contagious, communicable, or dangerous diseases, such as the COVID-19 virus, in the County.

The Barry County Health Department is authorized to promulgate such mandatory or advisory rules, policies, and guidance as is necessary and appropriate to implement the Order. Mandatory rules and policies so promulgated shall have the force of law to the greatest extent possible.

These rules are a phased community mitigation process that allows additional businesses to return to modified operations while managing the likelihood COVID-19 spread in our community. If these rules are not complied with or prove ineffective, we reserve the right to institute additional and more stringent mandatory rules.


The Barry County Health Department pursuant to the Emergency Declarations of the Barry County Health Department Broad of Trustees and the Missouri Department of Health and Human Services will carry out and enforce these Orders by any legal means. The Barry County Health Department, upon notice of non- compliance with these Orders may initiate legal action to seek a court judgement to ensure compliance.

Phase 1 – Beginning Monday

All persons, organizations, and businesses:

• Owners, operators, managers, organizers, employees and/or clergy are responsible for the implementation, management, and compliance with these rules.

• Owners and organizers are responsible to ensure frequent cleaning of all surfaces, as directed by the Barry County Health Department.

• Social distancing (separation of persons or groups by a minimum of 6 feet) is required, when practical, at all times.

• Source Control masking (service providers/servers wearing a cloth or surgical style mask- laundered between shifts) is required when providing personal services where social distancing is not practicable.

These services include, but are not limited to:

• Healthcare and Public Health service

• Veterinary care service

• Public Safety Services

• Mortuary Services

• Social Services

• Dine-in food and/or beverage service

• Tanning salons and services, nail services, spa type services, therapeutic massage (unless under the care of a physician.)

• Hair cutting, styling, washing, or coloring services.

• Other types of non-physician dermatological services.

• Body decoration/modification services, including tattooing, piercing, branding, scarification, shaping, implants, scalpelling, and painting.

All buildings open to the public, (including all businesses, government offices, organizations, agencies, and places of worship) are limited to a total number of customers, users, patrons, or worshipers equal to 10 percent of the total square footage of the building divided by 30 (e.g. 10,000 sq. ft. may have 33 customers.) Note: this number is exclusive of employees, organizers, clergy, and individuals delivering products and providing services necessary to continued operations.

Individual groups of 10 people or less are permitted as long as 6 feet of physical distance is maintained between groups.

Gatherings should be limited to the essential time necessary to complete the transaction, business, or communication.

Emergency Shelters, during emergency conditions, persons may enter shelter irrespective of the 10-person limit or the required social distancing requirements. This is a short-term emergency shelter to protect persons from an immediate threat, such as severe weather.

Activities that must implement additional social distancing requirements

Social distancing requirements are based on individuals standing still, since droplets that carry the virus which are expelled during exhalation, sneezes, and coughs typically fall to the ground and/or evaporate within 6 feet. However, the aerodynamics of moving individuals, increased respiratory effort, and these exhaled droplets creates an additional area of potential infection to individuals in proximities greater than 6 feet. The following rules are intended to mitigate these potential infections.

These businesses, organizations, and activities include;

• Gymnasiums (unless operated by and at a medical facility), fitness centers, and health clubs. Minimum social distancing between individuals and maximum occupancy, as detailed above, must be maintained. Additionally, all equipment (such as; machines, racks, cables and pulleys, barbells, weight plates, benches, bars, dumbbells, kettlebells, balls, rollers, etc.) must be wiped with an appropriate antimicrobial solution that is allowed to air dry between individual users.

• Athletic events, including, but not limited to, athletic leagues, games, tournaments, practices, or other events that involve running or a brisk/fast pace (greater than 3 mph) walking. Minimum social distancing between individuals is 32 feet while performing movement.

• Childcare facilities, providing services to employees, managers, operators, and owners of essential businesses, services, and activities.

• Stable groups of 10 or less per, appropriately sized, room must be maintained.

• Stable groups are the same 10 or fewer children grouped together each day. There should be no combining or splitting or groups once established.

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