Chuck Terrill: 10 war room prayers for our nation

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Do you have a hard time listening to, or watching the news?

The state of our nation is disturbing, discouraging, and to be honest, baffling. Itís clear there is a fight going on for the soul of America.

We are at war. This isnít a war fought with guns or air strikes. The war we face can only be won on our knees. Do we have a war time strategy? Or do we spend our time watching the news, complaining about it, and bemoaning the state of our nation?

Iím guilty. But, Iíve decided as a child of God, that it is my responsibility to join the fight. No, not in some political campaign or with comments and arguments on Facebook, but in prayer for our country, with the Word of God and the following ďwar roomĒ verses.

Taking time in prayer for our nation and its leaders is something I can do.

I invite you to play a part in winning the battle, in Jesus' Name. I invite you spend ten minutes each day praying these Scripture prayers for our nation.

Letís be in prayer for the leaders of our country; letís join our hearts and offer up prayers for the nation and its leaders. We have weapons strong enough to destroy strongholds. So, how about it? Letís be a force of people praying ó men and women in our bathrooms as we dress for work, on our knees in our war rooms, in our cars, at lunch breaks, whenever and wherever. Letís charge heaven with the prayers of the faithful.

Letís be an army.

Here are ten suggested references, followed by my own simple prayers. Please note my prayers are not Bible. They are included for those who would like examples of how to pray. If you wish, you can use these as intercessory prayer points for the nation.

II Chronicles 7:14: Lord, I come to You, with this prayer for our land. You promise that when your people pray, humble themselves, and seek You, You will hear and answer. You even promise healing in the land.  Lord, our land needs healing and I believe it starts with me. I humble myself before You right here, right now. Iím seeking Your face. I ask You to grant me a repentant spirit so I may be an instrument that ushers in Your blessing for this nation.

Psalm 33:1-12: Lord, Your blessing has been upon this nation, and I thank You for your kind mercies! But Your Word says the blessed nation is the one whose God is the Lord and our nation has turned from You.  God, on behalf of myself and my people, I confess our disregard of You. Bring Your people to repentance and let this nation once again be one who calls You ďLord.Ē

Proverbs 14:34: Righteousness exalts a nation, Lord. Not flagrant personalities and foul speech. Not the boastful pride of man or ďprogressiveĒ lifestyles or quick talking politicians who present themselves as the solution for the world.  Righteousness, Lord, righteousness is what we need. Oh Lord, let Your righteousness rain down on us and spring up from within every home and community in our land.

Proverbs 9:10-12: Many of the things I hear coming out of the mouths of those in the media make me shudder, Lord. Fear of You is sorely lacking and I humble myself before You to beseech Your mercies on behalf of a people who donít fear or acknowledge You. Forgive us, God! Strike a fear in the heart of Your people! Show us the seriousness of our sin and the holiness of Your majesty. Let us see and understand You as GodÖ KingÖ Sovereign OneÖ Ruler of heaven and earth. And let us be wise.

Matthew 16:13-20: Lord, You promise that the gates of hell will not overcome Your church. You have a people and You have a plan that will not fail. No matter what, Your purposes will prevail. You are in Your church and indwell Your people. In this we take great hope. Strengthen Your people, Lord! Strengthen Your church in this country! Let us rise to the battle cry and faithfully stand firm! Stir up our passions and desires for purity, holiness, and intimacy with You. Let us walk in the unquenchable fire of Your Spirit.

II Corinthians 6:14-7:1: God, call Your people to come out and be separate. All across this land, call your people to set aside worldly wisdom, pride and appearances, materialism, the need for approval, idolatry of all sorts. Lead us out and lead us up. We are a holy nation, a royal priesthood, set apart for worthy purposes. Stir in each and every heart to come out and be different! Lord, we need to see You as You truly are, not as what others say You are. Let Your people see You high and lifted up! Let us see You as holy. Let us understand Your nature, character, and sovereignty. Let us know Your word. Sweep across this land and reveal Yourself like never before. Let us know You, God!

Isaiah 60:1-2, 12: Cause each of Your children to shine brightly in this dark land, Lord. Let each light take its place on a lampstand and draw others to You. May those without Christ see our good works and glorify You. We pray that many will come to know You and confess You as Lord.

Daniel 2:19-23: Lord, we believe in Your sovereignty. We know You are the One who sets up rulers and kings. The buck stops with You. We pray for our leaders and future leadersÖand those who elect themÖ to have wisdom, knowledge, and discernment, for these things come from You.

Matthew 6:9-15: We pray for Your Kingdom to come, Your will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. We know Your will is for righteousness, salvation, and truth. We pray for these things to define our lives, our marriages, our homes, our communities, and our nation. We ask for Your church to be vessels that usher in Your Kingdom and fulfill Your will. Grant us, Your servants, success as we seek to glorify Your name.

There you have it ó 10 war room prayers for our nation. Letís offer prayers for our church, country, leaders, as we ask for Godís mercy. Letís start today. Armed with the promises of Godís Word, we can make a difference through the power of prayer.

Chuck Terrill, who has doctorates from Master Theological Seminary and Trinity Seminary, is the senior minister at First Christian Church in Cassville. He may be reached at 417-847-2460.