Wheaton prepares to renovate gym floor over the summer

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Approximately 6,500 square foot floor

School districts generally do major renovations over the summer months to limit interruptions to students during the school year.

Gym floors, specifically, have only a short window of time they are not in use — after graduation and before the start of school and fall sports.

Lance Massey, Wheaton superintendent, said one of the major issues with the gym floor is moisture damage.

“I will make a recommendation at the next board meeting to solve the moisture problem,” he said. “We have narrowed it down, and we know where the moisture is coming from.”

The district is currently in the process of receiving bids for the project.

“Time-wise, we are budgeting 8-10 weeks of time off the floor in the summer,” Massey said. “We are shooting for a completion of July 31.”

The school district starts fall practices in mid-August.

“We were told if we didn’t solve the moisture issue, the problem wouldn’t go away with a new floor,” Massey said. “We have a good plan to attack that.”

The gym floor is approximately 6,500 square feet.

“The floor was put in in 1993,” Massey said. “It has had nothing more than sanding, repaint and typical yearly maintenance since then.”

There will also be discussion about how the floor will look, decoratively.

“When people come into the gym, they will notice that it is new,” Massey said. “We are not planning a major gym renovation at this time. Instead, we are putting focus on the gym floor only for this project.”

Since other schools will be scheduling gym floor renovations in the same time frame, over the summer, there is a focus on approving a bid and getting someone on the schedule for the project and make sure their availability for that time is open.

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