Purdy assess significant need for gym floor work

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Board to make decision on project plan soon

The Purdy school district is in the beginning stages of renovating its 45-year-old gym floor.

After one school board meeting and one special meeting, the school board is looking at a few different options for the project, but at this time, there have been no votes.

At the first meeting on Feb. 24, Dave Buckle, with System One, presented a proposal for a project manager to oversee during the gym floor renovation.

When the gym was repaired in 2007, it was done by System One, however, the company was under a different name at that time.

Mindi Gates, Purdy superintendent, said the repairs included refinished gym floor, a new HVAC system that included AC, a total repaint of the walls, an update from the old wooden chair backs to a molded plastic chair back and a replacement on the pull-out bleachers.

“With this project, our main focus would be the floor, we will update paint on the walls as needed,” she said. “Dave, with System One, based the project manager fee on the total cost of the project, which he estimated at about $93,000.”

The projected fee for the project manager at that cost is 13-16 percent of that estimated cost.

According to Buckle, he would help the district by helping to write the ad for the scope of work for the project manager, he would give guidance on what needed to be done, and he would bring in three bid offers for a project manager for the district to then vote on.

Buckle also estimated the project to take three to four weeks from demo to installation, and could offer a one year warranty on the floor itself.

Following the board meeting, the board members decided to call a special meeting and hear from a contractor to weigh the option of not going with a project manager for the project.

Dan Black, owner of Dojan INK, gave the board a second prospective on the project from his company on March 2.

Gates said this company would be able to do the entire project start to finish, without the extra cost of a project manager.

According to Black, he has worked on more than 500 gym floors, however, most of those jobs were painting.

Black did do some testing on the floor and found a heightened level of moisture in some areas.

Black advised the district to focus on finding where that moisture is coming from and solve the problem before going forward on a new gym floor.

“I left that meeting with a list of next steps I needed to take to move forward,” Gates said. “First, I needed to contact the insurance company, and second, I needed to begin working on the wording for bid examples to be prepared to go out.”

Gates expects the board to vote at the next meeting on hiring a project manager for the project or hiring a company that can complete the project without a project manager, and she plans to have a bid written up to be approved or denied.

“From what I understand, there are companies that can only do certain parts of the project,” she said. “For example, one company would come in to do the demo, then another would be hired to do the installation and so on.

“That is where the need for a project manager would come in, to make sure everything was being done on time and correctly.”

The window to do this project creates another set of obstacles for the district.

“The project would have to begin after school is out and finish before school starts in mid August,” Gates said. “Whether we do a full replacement or not, there will have to be work done on the gym floor this summer.”

Black said if he were to bid on the project and be chosen, he would request an eight-week time frame to do the work.

“The moisture issues will be figured by the insurance company,” Gates said. “One of the next steps we have to take will be to pull up some floor boards in the areas with high moisture to help diagnose the excess moisture. I hope to have some information on those results to give the board a the next meeting on March 16.”

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