Chuck Terrill: Musings on division in the church

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

The worst possible thing that could ever happen is what I call a “church split.”

You have probably heard horrendous tales of that terrible event. We had a split in our church just a few Sundays ago. 

A crazy looking wolf adorned some sport shirts. Sourdough Sam adorned others. We were a congregation divided. Some of our faithful members were wearing red and white, others were wearing red and gold.

I was apprehensive.

I wanted to have the Kansas City Chiefs fans sit on one side of our wide central aisle, and our San Francisco 49ers fans to sit on the other. But they mixed it up. Some of the fanatics even sat next to each other! There was some good natured kidding, but no fisticuffs. I had worried needlessly.

One good thing about rubbing shoulders with Christians is that most have learned that it is OK to disagree as long as you aren't disagreeable. What I saw on Super Bowl Sunday was a group of people who love each other, despite their own personal preferences.

What I saw might be the answer to all “church splits.” People can love each other, and fellowship with each other, no matter what their differences might be, as long as they keep their focus on Jesus. He is, after all, more important than anything else.

So, some people were rooting for their team, and praying to God that their team might win. Others were rooting for another team, and praying that God might allow their team to win. Both groups are devout people. Both groups know the Lord, and love the Lord. What is God going to do? How is God going to respond?

God might say, “Hey! I am just going to enjoy watching the game.” In all things, it might be best if we would all relax, and wait to see how it all plays out.

“In matters of doctrine, unity. In matters of opinion, liberty. In all things love.”

Chuck Terrill, who has doctorates from Master Theological Seminary and Trinity Seminary, is the senior minister at First Christian Church in Cassville. He may be reached at 417-847-2460.