Prock: ‘By the Ozarks, for the Ozarks’

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Fly Tying 101 for Beginners class offered in Purdy

March 1 is the opening day for Missouri trout fishing season, and locally, it is a holiday celebrated on the banks Roaring River.

There are as many different ways to fish as there are fish in the river, but one local man has decided to aim his focus on one method — fly fishing.

Before people can get the pole out and fling that fly into the water, they my need a course in the basics.

For inexperienced fly fishermen and women, Bo Prock, co-owner of the Ozarks Sportsman’s Box, is also one of the instructors for the new Fly Tying 101 for Beginners course.

“We decided to offer a 12-month class to teach people the fundamentals of fly tying and fly fishing,” he said. “One Saturday each month, right now it is scheduled as the last Saturday, people can come and learn.”

This monthly year-long class will teach people everything from fly tying to reading the waters and bring them into the fly fishing fold.

“This class fits nicely with the other projects we have,” Prock said. “It gets people talking about the Ozarks and what there is to offer here, like what and how we do things around here.”

Prock was involved with a group similar in Springfield, but living in this area, he realized that people were interested, but they couldn’t make it to Springfield for the class.

“We wanted to break down the basics, history and evolution of fly fishing,” he said. “So we created this class so that people can learn frm the ground up.”

The target audience for this course is people who have never tried to fly fish, and by the end of the year Prock said they will be able to fish anywhere in the Ozarks.

“Before we created an event on Facebook, we had about five people interested and committed,” he said. “We are up to about 10 now and would like to see about 20 people total in the class.”

Prock said that is a good number of instructors to a good number of people.

“Spots are filling up fast, and we will probably have a capacity of about 25 people,” he said. “We will be able to bring in more instructors to help keep it at smaller groups.”

The February class will be held at The Coffee Cafe in Purdy, and after that, the rest of the classroom sessions will most likely be at the Gathering Place.

“The plan is for every third month to have an on-the-water class,” Prock said. “That way, they can use the rods and go fishing to learn techniques and styles and how to catch fish in different waters.”

The class is $20 per class and it provides all the equipment, devices, tools and rods.

“I can remember back when I was in middle school and early high school that the opening day of trout season was a holiday celebrated by the community,” he said. “People come from all over to fish in the Ozarks, and I think people take for granted how many different activities we have available to us.

“This generation of children don’t get the same joy in stuff like that, and for people to forget that we have something so cool in our area is such a shame. That is what we focus on ‘By the Ozarks, for the Ozarks,’ and we want to share that.”

For more information or to sign up people may follow the Facebook event Fly Tying 101 for Beginners, call Bo Prock at 417-300-1516 or visit

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