Media hype Cassville quintet

Wednesday, January 22, 2020
DJ White was one of five Cassville athletes named to the media All-State list. Kyle Troutman/

Cassville lands 5 more All-State football honors

The Missouri Media finally released its All-State football lists after several days of reviewing stats submitted by coaches.

The media members only chose First and Second Team athletes, making the list competitive and difficult to narrow down.

Bowen Preddy ran himself to All-State honors this year for the Wildcats. Kyle Troutman/

For Cassville, the state media members reserved five spots.

Claiming First Team accolades were: Jaiden Reibert, offensive line; Zach Coenen, linebacker; and Drake Reese, kicker. Second Team winners were: Bowen Preddy, all-purpose, and DJ White, receiver.

The complete list is as follows:

First Team



Josey Meierarend, Odessa


Jamen Smith, Buffalo

Running back

Marsayv’aun Harrell, Kennett

Avian Thomas, Boonville

Luke Malizzi, Odessa


Deablo McGee, Roosevelt

Jake Closser, Blair Oaks

Kade Kehl, Odessa

Offensive line:

Jake Brooks, Kennett

Andrew Luebbering, Blair Oaks

Cody Smith, Buffalo

Jaiden Reibert, Cassville

Houston Eagan, Odessa


Drake Reese, Cassville


Defensive line

Ray Villalta, Monett

Julian Rangel, Center

Darion Smith, Trinity

Colby Wilson, Odessa


Jake Stewart, Krennett

Sam Luebbering, Blair Oaks

Bryce Palmer, Odessa

Zach Coenen, Cassville

Defensive back

Carter Maddox, Kennett

Darrius Jackson, Roosevelt

Bryley Ray, Odessa

Gage Manion, Park Hills Central


Layton Morgan, Hollister

Coach of the Year: Mark Thomas, Odessa

Second Team



Chase Spoonemore, Savannah


Bowen Preddy, Cassville

Running back

Dayshawn Welch, Park Hills Central

Running back

Trey Wilson, Seneca

Tristan John, Southern Boone


Myles Kree, Priory


James Frenchie, Trinity

DJ White, Cassville

Offensive line

Alex Mugisha, Roosevelt

Tristan Dunlap, Mexico

Wes Merriman, Monett

Tyler Frese, Southern Boone

Jalen St. John, Trinity


Landon Roberts, St. Clair


Defensive line

Martez Poynter, Trinity

Dionnte White, Trinity

Gabriel Rubio, Lutheran St. Charles

Rylee Niekamp, Blair Oaks


Dalton Bingman, Punterriory

Dariaun Pointer, University City

Jared Herron, Moberly

Cale Miller, Mt. Vernon

Defensive back

Terrell Rush, Trinity

Carson Prenger, Blair Oaks

Bode Abraham, Buffalo

Tresten Shipman, Mt. Vernon


Reid Dudenhoeffer, Blair Oaks

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