Technology added in Purdy classrooms

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Through grant, rural schools keep up with urban districts

The Purdy school district recently added five new computers to its classrooms as part of a program through U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt’s office to get computers into rural schools.

Derek Banwart, Purdy high school principal, said he received the call in November.

“The woman on the phone said she was from Senator Roy Blunt’s offices and that Congress had released money for a program that puts computers in school districts,” he said. “She asked if I would accept the computers. I said yes, and we got five new computers.”

According to the woman, who called in November, Congress is making sure that rural schools are as connected as urban school districts.

“They want rural schools to have the ability to do everything that urban school can,” Banwart said. “It is always good to get the students connected, and there are a lot of great resources on the internet.”

At this time, the Purdy school district is updating all the new computers with the proper software, then they will be divided out into the classrooms.

“They will stay in the high school for classroom use,” Banwart said. “Currently, we have 50 PCs in two computer labs, two carts of MacBooks with 20 on each, and between seventh and twelfth grades, we have roughly 300 iPads for one-to-one use.”

According to Banwart, the plan to keep the new computers in the classrooms will help students to have access to a more convenient tool for certain projects.

“Sometimes, it can be cumbersome to try to type on an iPad,” he said. “That is where the new computers will be best used, in the classrooms and available for students to use as needed.”

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