Election filing deadline approaches

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Races develop in Exeter, Seligman

The deadline to file for a seat in the April 7 election is coming up fast, on Jan. 21, and so far, only a few contested races have developed.

For the Cassville school board, there are no challengers. Incumbents Becky Henningson, board president, and Jon Horner have refiled. Incumbent David Haddock’s seat is up and he is not planning to refile. Chad Johnson is currently the only person who has filed for the third seat.

At the Southwest school district, incumbents Doug Henry and Terry Meek have refiled, and incumbent Ruth Henderson has yet to file but is expected to do so.

The Exeter school district will see a contested race, as incumbents Gary Stringer, Stacy Hall and Kelly Lee have refiled, and Joseph Still is also running for one of the spots.

In Purdy, one candidate has emerged for three open seats. One-term incumbent Travis Brown has thrown his hat in the ring. The other seats are presently held by five-term incumbent Russ Neill and one-term incumbent Martin “Trae” Goetz.

For the Wheaton school board, three seats are open. Four-term incumbent Lewis Royer has been the only candidate to date to file. The other seats are held by one-term incumbents Anthony Ball and Joseph Brattin.

In the city of Cassville, incumbents Jerry Marple, north ward, and Mike Vining, south ward, have refiled with no challengers.

In Exeter, incumbent Tasha McNabb is being challenged by Augustus Robbins in the north ward. Tyler Henderson holds the south ward seat and has not refiled.

Seligman will have an interesting city council race, as siblings Robert Lovestad, who was appointed to a one-year term when Michael Avers became mayor, and Brenda Jermain have both filed for the two-year seat term in the west ward. East ward incumbent Gerald Harling has refiled.

In Washburn, incumbents Cheryl Floyd and Connie Deans have both refiled for the two open at-large seats.

No one has yet filed for the three open seats in Purdy. Bob Moser is the East Ward incumbent. In the West Ward, two-term incumbent Brian Bowers holds the two-year slot. Appointee Dan Musgrove holds the other seat, which is open for one year.

In Wheaton, only one filing has been made for the two open seats. One-term incumbent Brandon Shockley has filed for re-election in the East Ward. That leaves the West Ward seat, held by Stacy Beck since 2009, open.

For the South Barry County Ambulance District, Rod Gilreath, who currently holds the District 6 seat, has refiled. Also open is the District 3 seat, currently held by David Dalton. Dalton has yet to refile.

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