Sales tax revenues a mixed bag in December

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Year-end totals see gains for about half of recipients

Sales tax revenues in December provided a feast-or famine scenario to end 2019, as most of Barry County’s recipients fell short of last December, but big payoffs in other towns left a positive balance for the month.

Countywide sales taxes produced results out of line with the municipal patterns. Barry County’s two .5 percent taxes each generated $181,576, both down $6,298.96 from last December, the first revenue decline in three months.

The seven Barry County cities taking in sales tax received $658,687.14 for the month, up 2 percent from last December. Cassville largely shouldered the boost, taking in $88,516.06, up $8,842.68, or 11 percent, from a year ago.

Joining in the plus column was Exeter, with its 1 percent tax for the general fund yielding $2,176.80, breaking $2,000 for the only time since June, up $16.10 from a year ago.

Other cities generally showed slight drops. Seligman’s 1 percent tax received $8,474.36, down $840.25. Washburn’s 1 percent tax produced $3,368.53 for the general fund, down $385.61.

Wheaton’s erratic 1 percent tax generated $2,627.80, down $2,480.55, or 49 percent, from last December. The sum was double the .5 percent tax, which is unusual and mathematically correct. The calendar year sum for both fell to slightly below the 2017 totals, making 2018 look like the exception, though the higher total was more in line with the previous five years of receipts in Wheaton.

Monett turned out on the downside of December receipts. The city’s two sales taxes for the general fund, totaling 1 percent, generated $181,580.06, down $4,718.18, or nearly 3 percent, from a year ago, the lowest December payout in four years.

However, Monett’s nine-month fiscal year tally hit $1,522,516.03, a record, up nearly $14,000 over last year’s pace and nearly $11,000 over the last record in 2017.

Purdy had its second best December in four years. Its 1 percent sales tax to pay general bills received $5,028.51, up $1,923, up 62 percent from a year ago, the lowest December in nine years. The boost put the city’s six-month sales tax total of $34,517.46 back in line, slightly above last year and slightly below two years ago.

Year-end totals were a similar mixed bag, though those short of 2018 sums fell not far from the mark.

City1 percent generalCompared to 2018
Cassville $981,350.45 +3%
Monett $2,022,224.26 +1.5% or $30,762.96
Purdy $69,544.63 +10.5%
Seligman $114,375.59 -15% or +9% if factoring out $30,000 from 2018 as a back payment
Washburn $29,666.26 -1% or $293.46
Wheaton $52,756.30 -21%
BarCo (1/2%) $2,144,732.50 -1%

Total tax numbers

The following tax amounts reflect the total amount of tax collected by each city and county, in 2019, as compared to 2018.

Cassville, which collected four taxes, took in a total of $2,329,647.84, a gain of $64,249.18, or a gain of 3 percent, marching the 2017 gain.

Exeter, with one tax, collected $21,466.053, down 5 percent, matching the 2017 drop after holding even in 2018.

Purdy, with three taxes, collected $139,088.43, up more than 10 percent, offsetting the 6 percent drop in 2018 and $1,235 over the last record in 2015.

Monett, with five sales taxes, received $4,523,655.95, a gain of $80,704.73, a gain of nearly 2 percent after a drop of nearly $11,000 in 2018.

Seligman has four sales taxes and generated $257,345.29, down $45,443.86, or 15 percent, from 2018, but more than $8,000 higher than 2017, even if 2018 had back taxes paid into it to hike the total.

Washburn, with three taxes, received $59,331.36, an increase of $586.11 or 1 percent over 2018, the fifth consecutive year the city has seen sales tax revenues climb.

Wheaton, with two taxes, produced $71,217.18, where receipts were down seven months in 2019, saw a 20 percent drop in revenues, coming after a 14 percent rise in 2018 and a 14 percent drop in 2017.

Barry County, which levies three taxes, took in $4,825,164.04,

a drop of $37,201.76 or a fraction of a percent. The .5 percent taxes for general operations and for road and bridge maintenance each yielded more than $2,144,732, while another $535,672.22 came from the .125 percent tax that also supports the general fund, just $2,000 less than in 2018.

Barry County 911, supported by a 3/8 percent sales tax, garnered $1,612,887.93, a drop of $5,276.25 or a fraction of a percent from 2018.

South Barry County Ambulance District collected an eight-cent sales tax totaling $765,850.86, down nearly $81,000 or 10 percent from 2018.

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