Meshell: ‘Impossible is just I Am Possible’

Tuesday, December 31, 2019
Jonah Meshell, 13-year-old karate student, decided to expand his knowledge of traditional karate with his coach Michael Smith. Contributed photo

Local boy battles ADHD to achieve dreams

At four years old, Jonah Meshell and his family moved to Cassville, and his mother joked that he was signed up for a trial lesson in karate before utilities were set up in their new home.

Not only was he practicing karate at four years old, but he was excelling, earning belts and learning forms. His passion was in learning forms, which he learned in many different types of karate.

Jonah Meshell and John Sharkley lead sensei with Team AKA at the Natural State Classic competition. Contributed photo

By age 9, Meshell was competing with Team Heartland, taking classes at Next Level in Springfield, as well as taking private lessons from his hero Michael Guthrie, who invited him to join the national team G3.

Along the way, Meshell as diagnosed with ADHD, which at first he was embarrassed about, but eventually grew to own it as a strength.

He had a custom belt made which was orange with his favorite bible verse on it, Isaiah 43:2.

Jonah Meshell won’t let anything stand in his way, and in October, he was welcomed into the team of his dreams Team AKA. This is his first tournament as part of the team. Contributed photo

By last year, Meshell was at the level of actually teaching lessons, and he won three championships.

He began the year with a dream to land on the Team AKA out of Chicago, then to continue to a career as a Hollywood stunt man.

Meshel is a goal setter and his main goal is to share Jesus and karate.

Caitlyn Meshell, Jonah’s mother, said he did end up joining G3 with Michael Guthrie, however, he left in October 2019 because his dream of being on Team AKA happened.

“John Sharkley, lead sensei with Team AKA, presented Jonah with his Gi at Diamond National, AKA’s end of year party,” she said. “It was a huge accomplishment to him.”

Jonah Meshell went to summer camp with Team AKA in July.

“He still trains with Guthrie in Kansas City,” Caitlyn Meshell said. “He also took on traditional coach Michael Smith to improve his traditional technique.”

Overall in 2019, Jonah Meshell placed in Promac Elite Form Champion, Promac West Form Champion, 10 Naska — top 8, and took first place in 14 Divisional, all on top of making Team AKA.

“He crushed everything that he set out to do,” Caitlyn Meshell said. “And with all of that he spent time volunteering in our church program Celebrate Recovery.”

Jonah Meshell was also asked to teach at his church’s summer camp, Camp Spark, where he was able to work with children younger than him.

“I want to be recognized in the karate world,” Jonah Meshell said. “It’s like, once I get there and finish something, more doors open up for me.

“After making Team AKA, I wasn’t going to slow down. There is no point in resting now.”

Meshell said that keeps karate fun, challenging and full of opportunities.

“Having ADHD and being able to work with children who had issues similar to that was great,” he said. “I got to see in them where I was at that age and share with them my coping mechanisms.

“You just have to work for it.”

Meshell said his dream to be a Hollywood stunt man started while watching Bruce Lee movies with his dad.

“I was in karate and I just said I wished I could do that,” he said. “Then, I started to get into more extreme stuff with karate.

“Now, I have been able to meet some of those people in those movies, it may be hard to get there, but that is my goal.”

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