Sales tax shows bi-county dip

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Nearly all BarCo recipients show gains, unlike LawCo


Sales tax to Barry County and its cities mostly showed gains in November, compared to a year ago, with five of the seven cities ahead of last year.

The seven Barry County cities receiving sales tax took in $529,517.62, a gain of 2 percent over last November.

Cassville’s 1 percent general fund tax generated $72,928.43, down $1,294.71 from a year ago. Seligman’s 1 percent tax took in $10,483.60, up $1,194.16, a more substantial gain of 13 percent. Exeter’s 1 percent tax received $1,374.13, up $485.38, a 55 percent gain. Washburn received $1,190.80, up $496.80, or 55 percent.

The exception of Wheaton left mixed results. Wheaton’s 1 percent general fund sum of $3,216.38 reflected a drop of $2,816.47, down 53 percent from a year ago. However, since the general fund tax has acted mathematically in contrast to the formula, the .5 percent tax may show a more accurate picture. The transportation tax brought in $1,668.36, an $89.69 gain. That would make six of seven cities seeing gains in November.

Purdy, which has struggled in the current fiscal year, saw its 1 percent sales tax for paying general bills fall for the third time in five months. The city’s sales tax produced $5,450.33, down $764.92, though it was the second highest November total in last four years. Two consecutive months of lower totals left the five-month fiscal year sum at $29,488.95, down nearly $2,000, or 6 percent, from last year’s pace.

However, due to the strong start to 2019, Purdy’s calendar year sum of $65,198.64 is ahead of 2018 by over $5,000, or 9 percent.

Monett again proved pivotal in the county outcomes. The city’s two sales taxes contributing to the general fund at a 1 percent rate generated $140,348.58, up $5,722.01 from last November. It was the highest November total since 2015, the fourth gain in the eight-month fiscal year, breaking a two-month drop. The fiscal year sum has stayed ahead of last year all eight months. The current total of $1,340,935.97 is now up by nearly $18,500.

Monett’s general fund calendar year total of $1,840,644.20 is up by nearly $35,500, or 2 percent.

Barry County’s two .5 percent taxes for the general fund and road maintenance each received $163,463, gaining $9,263, or 6 percent. The 2019 sums of at least $1,963,156 were up more than $11,000 from last year’s pace. Barry County receipts have been down only five times.

The separate sales tax supporting Barry County’s 911 service received $122,590.33 in November, up $6,927.92 from a year ago. Revenues from the tax have lagged behind last year since June, and presently tally $1,476,728, a dip of less than $600.

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