Tables stand the test of time

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Exeter school district replacing final eight cafeteria tables

In March, the Exeter school district decided to purchase three new cafeteria tables to replace the “worst of the worst.”

Now, the district has decided to finish out replacing all cafeteria tables by purchasing an additional eight.

The tables that are being replaced were purchased about seven years ago, at $200 per table.

In March, Ernest Raney, Exeter superintendent, said some issues with the tables’ legs and problems with the wheels buckling were becoming apparent, so the district replaced three cafeteria tables at $1,329 per table for a total of $4,787.31, including shipping.

The district went with the company Dallas Midwest, and Raney said the way the tables were constructed would give them longer durability.

The school district decided to go back to Dallas Midwest to purchase the final eight tables.

“We need to replace them,” Raney said. “We have run out of parts to fix them.”

If ordered now, the new tables should be delivered sometime in March.

The new eight cafeteria tables will cost the district $11,772, including shipping.

“It is a little more per table than it was last year,” Raney said. “I can never find something for the same price as it was the year before.”

The tables being replaced this year are showing the same issues as the ones replaced last year.

“They are just worn out,” Raney said. “Instead of having cracked seat and broken wheels, it will be better for everyone — students, staff and the floor — to get new tables.”

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