Happy Catsgiving!

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Haven of the Ozarks discounting cost of adopting cats

The holidays are fast approaching, meaning homes will be full of family members, hearts will be filled with love and bellies will be full of delicious food.

Haven of the Ozarks Animal Sanctuary is hoping there is room for one more to enter local families’ households and hearts.

From Nov. 27 to Dec. 1, the Haven is discounting the cost of adoption for cats and kittens to $25.

Sherah Farris, director of operations at Haven of the Ozarks Animal Sanctuary, said right now, the Haven has a lot of feline friends that are looking for a home for Christmas.

“We will be using the same process as always when adopting an animal out,” she said. “We want to make sure they are going to the right home and will be properly taken care of.”

This is the first ever “Catsgiving,” although the Haven has run discount specials on barn cats in the past.

“We have so many cats on our waiting list right now,” Farris said. “We have never done a discount on kittens because they are generally easy to adopt out.”

The Haven staff feels that running the discount at this time will really help as families are Christmas shopping.

“It is not unusual that we have so many cats right now,” Farris said. “But, the problem is getting worse. People always say that there will be lots of kittens in the spring, but the springtime kitten season just hasn’t ended this year.”

This is a problem because kittens on the waiting list won’t do as well in the winter weather as older cats would.

“They will still be spayed and neutered as usual before going to their forever homes, which in turn will help out with the kitten season problems we are facing” Farris said.

Studies done by shelters and shelter organizations show discounted adoption fees do not show an increase of animal neglect or returns.

“There is a big shift in the shelter world to do discounted adoptions,” Farris said. “We will make sure that every family that comes in is ready to adopt a cat or kitten.”

Farris said that process will never change.

“We are excited for this, and we are hoping to find homes for some of our 16 kittens,” she said. “We want the older cats to find their homes too, but there is something extra sad about watching a kitten grow up in a shelter.”

The normal adoption fee is $75 for a kitten eight weeks to six months old, and $65 for cats more than six months.

For more information about adopting from the Haven of the Ozarks Animal Sanctuary, people may call 417-835-3647.

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