Washburn accepting bids for garage

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

New garage to replace old carport damaged by storm winds

The city of Washburn is accepting bids for the work of building a garage in place of an old carport that was damaged by a winter storm and taken down.

Emily Arnett, Washburn city clerk, said the city is still trying to decide on replacing the carport or building a garage.

“When the carport broke, it leaned up against our building here, which could have caused more damage,” she said. “We put out for a bid for a garage and didn’t get anything, so we put it out again and got one bid. We are now looking to put it out again before we make a decision.”

The city is looking to build the new carport or garage that is 25-by-25 feet with 12-foot walls.

“The main purpose of the carport was storage, but it wasn’t very secure,” Arnett said. “They are really wanting two 10-foot overhead garage doors on either side of the garage so it will be easier to drive tractors and equipment in and out of it.”

Arnett said the city has been talking to another company and will wait to make the final decisions on the project until all bids have been accepted.

“Some major benefits to a garage would be the security aspect,” Arnett said. “It would better protect tools and equipment from the elements as well.”

The carport was damaged and removed in February.

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