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Wednesday, November 20, 2019
Tommy Ray encountered a bobcat passing by his deer stand in Thomas Hollow near Wheaton on Nov. 16, 2019. Contributed photo

Local man captures video of bobcat on evening hunt

November firearms deer hunting season started Saturday, and while a local man spent his evening in his favorite hunting spot, something he wasn’t expecting showed up.

Tommy Ray said he was out hunting Saturday night in Thomas Hollow when he noticed a bobcat in the area.

“It was about 3:15 p.m., I saw the turkey first, then I saw the bobcat,” he said. “I heard something moving in the leaves and thought it was a turkey again, but it was the bobcat. He was about 40-50 yards from me.”

Ray said this isn’t the first time he has had a run in with a bobcat while out hunting.

“Last year, me and my stepson were hunting and we saw one 40-50 feet away from us,” he said.

As one would do when they have a favorite hunting spot, Ray went back out Sunday evening near the same area.

“I saw the same bobcat,” he said. “I was in a different area, but near where I was on Saturday. He looked like he was hunting a squirrel or a rabbit. He was on the prowl.”

Ray said neither encounter was scary, and in fact, it was neat to watch one of God’s creations.

“My opinion is, if it isn’t bothering you, just don’t mess with it,” he said. “Unless you are hunting for a bobcat, just leave them be. They are fascinating to watch.”

Ray said the bobcat looked to weigh about 30-40 pounds, but he isn’t sure, since he never touched it.

“Everyone needs to be respectful of nature,” Ray said. “We are granted the privilege to hunt, and we shouldn’t take advantage of that.”

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