Recycling bins removed due to misuse

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Seligman pursuing different plan for residents’ recycling needs

The Seligman City Council voted to remove the recycling dumpsters from the intersection of West Roller Ridge and Frisco Street, largely due to the public not using them as intended.

Brian Nichols, Seligman city clerk, said there were three dumpsters there for different recycling needs.

“They were for cardboard and newspaper, plastics and metal,” he said. “The dumpsters were removed last week and, unfortunately, there wasn’t a lot of notice to the public.”

One of the main reasons the dumpsters were removed was that some people were using the recycling bins as a regular trash dumpster and that was making the point of the recycling dumpsters invalid.

“Seligman has been using Doty [Trash Service] for over two years now for the recycling and the trash needs of the city,” Nichols said. “The recycling was a part of the city’s bid request, and it will not save the city any money by not using the recycling services.”

When the city initially started working with Doty, there was discussion of doing a long trailer with individually divided sections for the different recycling.

“We talked about it, but the easier option was to set the dumpsters like we did,” he said. “They are going to revisit that original idea, but evidently there are a lot of changes happening in the recycle business right now.”

Nichols said based on the knowledge of speaking with Doty, there are recycling companies that are going out of business.

“On Friday, Doty will actually sit down to go over district-wide changes,” he said. “I get the impression that there just isn’t a lot of money in recycling right now.”

Nichols said, unfortunately at the moment for residents who do take their time to separate and properly recycle, there will not be a recycling service in the city.

“We are going to be communicating with Doty on another plan of action or options we may have as far as recycling goes,” he said.

On Monday, Nichols said that the Doty meeting had been rescheduled and there is no update on a solution to recycling.

“We definitely want to come up with a solution here for our residents,” he said. “The public will be notified when that happens.”

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