Sales tax revenues see gains in September

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Two years of interest boost receipts for the month

Under somewhat extraordinary circumstances, sales tax revenues to Barry County cities and governments in September trended higher than a year ago, leaving more than half of the recipients gaining ground with the close of the third quarter of 2019.

The unusual circumstances stem from the Missouri Department of Revenue disbursing not one — but two — extra payments to all recipients. Both were interest payments collected between months, the first for the fiscal year that ended on June 30, 2018, and the second for the next year. Interestingly, checks for FY 2019 generally ran double the amounts for the previous year. Notice for the final disbursements did not reach all the local cities until October began.

Since interest payments were broken down by dedicated funds, interest totals were added into the tallies of money wired to the various government entities for September, then compared to a year ago. That did not create true comparisons for how each tax generated revenue for the month, but did provide totals for the actual money received for spending by the recipient governments.

The seven Barry County cities collecting sales tax received $745,753.45, up $2,236.66 or .3 percent from last September. Without the interest payments, the grand total would have fallen short. Cassville and Exeter joined Monett in falling short of last year’s sum. Totals that follow include interest:

• Cassville received $99,574.17 from its 1 percent general fund tax, down $1,497 from a year ago. For 2019, that tax has generated $745,761.71, up 3 percent.

• Seligman receiving $11,774.74 from its 1 percent tax for general bills, up $4,539.33. The 2019 sum of $84,835.74 appears to be down 21 percent from last year, but Seligman Clerk Brian Nichols reported the city received a $55,000 settlement for unpaid taxes last year dating back to 2004. Factor out the amount from that total that would have gone into the general fund, and the 2019 year-to-date total is up by over $2,400 or 3 percent.

• Wheaton’s 1 percent tax received $6,122.07, the largest September payment since 2016 and up $2,353.45 or 60 percent from a year ago. Wheaton’s tax totals continue to make little sense — the .5 percent tax for transportation producing a third of the amount of the 1 percent tax, instead of half. Totals from both taxes in 2019 ($41,054.36 for the general fund and $13,488.79 for transportation) are down 21 percent from a year ago.

• Washburn’s 1 percent tax for its general fund generated $4,510.7, up $431.06, the first increase in three months. Washburn’s 2019 sum of $21,374.74 is down 7 percent from last year’s pace.

• Exeter’s 1 percent tax received $1,674.24, its lowest September amount since 2014, down $822.75 from a year ago. Exeter’s 2019 sum of $16,252.23 is down 10 percent from last year’s pace.

• Monett’s two sales taxes, totaling 1 percent for paying general bills, even with interest, came up just short of last year. The $199,944.46 received was $4,439.34 under last September, almost $200 more than the amount received in September 2013. Over the last 20 years, half the September checks have been higher than this year’s, though only three of them have been in the last 10 years.

Halfway through the city’s current fiscal year, Monett’s sales tax for its general fund is at a record level of $1,055,982.78, almost $15,000 ahead of last year’s pace. After three quarters of 2019, receipts of $1,555,691.01 are up by 2 percent.

• Purdy’s 1 percent sales tax for its general fund hit a record for September for the 10 years a single tax has been collected. The $8,043.92 was up $976 from a year ago, putting the three month fiscal year tally at $20,172.27, up $976 from last year’s pace.

Purdy’s 2019 sum of $55,881.96 represents a 17 percent rise over a year ago, the seventh time in eight months that receipts have risen.

Barry County’s two .5 percent sales taxes each brought in more than $239,476 with interest, reflecting a gain of more than $11,713 or 5 percent. The 2019 general fund total from the two taxes of .625 percent totaled $2,035,593.78, down 1.5 percent from last year’s pace.

The separate sales tax supporting Barry County’s 911 system received $182,706.03, counting interest, up almost $12,000 from a year ago. To date Barry County’s 911 sales tax has generated $1,226,027.54 in 2019, down $10,610 from last year’s pace.

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