Chuck Terrill: Biblical self-affirmation

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Discouraged? For the next thirty days, first thing in the morning and last thing at night, repeat these affirmations of faith. 

In front of a mirror, stand up straight, square your shoulders, look yourself in the eye and quietly, but firmly speak aloud, in the first person and present tense:

• I, _, am a committed disciple of the Lord, Jesus Christ.

• I am energized by the Holy Spirit, and follow His promptings toward my God-given goals.

• I have joy, a holy sense of humor and lift the spirits of every person I meet. 

• I am a person of godly character. My biblical convictions are strong.

• I have a healthy self-esteem because Jesus Christ sacrificed His life for me.

• I believe in the resurrection of the Lord, Jesus Christ, and I am confident about my future.

• I am an honest, sincere and hard-working Christian.

• I am a disciplined, focused and motivated disciple of Christ.

• I am a good listener, compassionate and patient, but take decisive action.

• I am humble, but also bold and confident. My faith is in the Lord. 

• I am like Paul to some, like Timothy to others and a Barnabas to all. 

• I am obedient to Christ’s Word, loyal, responsible and dependable. 

• I have a servant’s heart, and I am a team player.

• I have been given creativity, which I use to advance the cause of Christ.

• I am healthy, do all things in moderation, and keep myself “clean.”

• I am saved, completely forgiven and carry no baggage of regret from the past.

• I am a good steward of all the blessings I receive from God.

• I have been given spiritual gifts, which I gladly use in the cause of Christ.

• I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.

• I am a faith-filled person, and thankful for the opportunities Christ has given me. 

• These are the qualities that I possess because of the grace of God. I fully intend to develop all the qualities that have been entrusted to me. Tonight, I am going to sleep wonderfully well, expecting God to speak to me through powerful, positive dreams.  I will wake with energy, fully refreshed, and ready to greet a wonderful day! Praise the Lord!

Repeat this process every morning and evening.