goBEC finds fix for outage

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Equipment failure causes system-wide downage

Internet, phone and TV services provided by goBEC were disrupted on Aug. 14, and the company has narrowed down the issue and found a fix.

Mark Aeilts, CEO/general manager of goBEC and Barry Electric, said the issue was with equipment failing in goBEC headquarters.

“It took us a while to track the problem down,” Aeilts said. “Once we did, we had a part overnighted to us that was more sufficient and handled the issue.”

Aeilts said before installing the new part, goBEC had a routing issue, which he referred to as network storm.

“The data was trying to go one way and got confused and started going the other way,” Aeilts said. “That burned up some of our equipment, but we did have backups. By day three, we were down to having only a half-hour blip where it happened again, but by then we knew what was happening and fixed it.

“Customers should have never experienced an outage because we have a fail-over backup. When we tested that, it worked, but when we needed it to work for a long time, there was a latency issue.”

Aeilts said the company has a spare fail-over, and the issue should not occur again.

“We’ve been [providing these services] since 2015 without interruption, and yes, this was devastating to some people, but we found the problem, have a backup to solve it, and we are working toward the goal of a fix so this will never happen again.”

Aeilts said originally, goBEC thought a company digging north of the service area hit the fiber line, and that was what caused the issue.

“A company that was digging actually hit our lines twice, but we tested those and they were never part of the failure,” he said. “It was totally coincidental. Going forward, we have a fail-over now so if the network storm happens again, there will be a seamless change that will keep customers from experiencing any interruption.”

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