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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

City street repair project success

The city of Cassville set a schedule for street repairs in the spring in hopes of the project being completed by the end of summer, although there were a few complications and small changes made.

David Brock, Cassville public works director, said Cassville has completed 64 percent of the expected resurfacing for 2019, with current expenditures of around $58,000.

“The resurfacing work that has been substantially completed, including Blackberry Court, Townsend and 11th streets,” he said. “The remaining budgeted projects have administrative problems that will not allow them to be completed.”

Brock said at the August City Council meeting, which was held on Monday, staff reported on proposed changes to projects for the remaining construction season.

“The changes include deferring paving at the entrance to City Park and on Nottingham and Tudor in lieu of completing resurfacing on Black Jack Street and Kenny Drive,” he said. “With these changes, total expenditures for the year will be approximately $12,000 less than the original budget appropriation, and these funds will roll over for use in the transportation fund in 2020.”

Brock said 9th Street was expected to have the most impact on traffic.

“It is downtown and there are a lot of businesses there,” he said. “It went really well though. Hutchens Construction did a great job of getting out in the front to let people know what was going on.”

Brock said there is still little bit of work to do on 9th Street, and 10th Street is a remaining project.

“On City Park Road, the entrance way is private property,” he said. “It is used as a public road, but we don’t have any formal right-of-way there.”

Brock said the city did try to acquire that, but that was not successful.

“I am sure those efforts will continue, but we weren’t in a position to pave that this year,” he said. “We are getting ready to gear up for the budget for 2020, and if a road was on the schedule, like Nottingham and Tudor, that we didn’t get to this year, we will try to get them the following year.”

Brock said the city expects that all the street repairs that were scheduled will be successfully completed.

“The roads aren’t getting any better,” he said. “[But], the rain and flooding events didn’t really impact the projects at all.”

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