Seligman forms new planning, zoning committee

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Board has 10 members that meet on 3rd Monday of each month

The city of Seligman had been without a planning and zoning committee for three years, and now it has developed a new board.

Brian Nichols, Seligman city clerk, said there has to be at least seven people on the board, including one alderman.

“The first meeting was held on July 15,” he said. “We currently have 10 members, and we can have up to 15 total on the board.”

Nichols said some of the first points of business were to go over some of the changes to the municipal code in the planning and zoning section permitting medical marijuana cultivation, facilities and dispensaries in agricultural areas.

“They did approve the necessary changes and some other language in the sign section of the planning and zoning where we found some typos,” he said. “There were some other topics that have been brought up including our ordinances on tiny homes and manufactured homes older than 10 years.”

Nichols said when speaking with the board no one expressed any desire to get away from the 10-year restriction.

“Nothing is finalized yet — it is really still in a discussion phase,” he said. “There was talk about the tiny houses but there wasn’t, in my opinion, a sway either way of letting a house be less than 800 square feet.”

Nichols said that is the current ordinance.

“A lot of the tiny houses are around the 400 square feet mark,” he said. “We are still doing some investigating, and there will be plenty more discussion on that topic.”

Nichols said there was talk to look into Rogers and its tiny home community.

“I looked into that myself, and it was different than what we had initially thought it was,” he said. “There is definitely nothing final yet and there will be more discussion about it.”

Nichols said as of now the committee has only had the one meeting and is still developing.

“We have been without a planning and zoning committee since 2016, I believe,” he said. “But, now that we have a committee, we can use it when we need it.”

Nichols said nothing has really come up where it was necessary to have a planning and zoning committee, but it is always good to have one.

“Once issues or conflicts are ironed out, it can be hard to keep the committee together,” he said. “That was an issue the last time — people just move on.”

Nichols said there are a couple of members from the last planning and zoning committee that are in it again.

“The terms are staggered, so some are two years and some are four years,” he said. “They have decided to do the meeting at the same time every month, so they will be held the third Monday of every month at 6 p.m.”

Nichols said the meetings are open to the public, and length will depend on the agenda or the lack thereof.

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