Sales tax generally down for month

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

All but 3 municipalities see revenue fall in July

After two months of gains over 2018 numbers and a month of near even receipts, bi-county cities and counties saw a sharp drop in sales tax receipts in July.

The seven Barry County cities collecting sales tax took in $682,865.06, a drop of 8 percent from last July, where three smaller towns captured all the gains.

Cassville's 1 percent tax for general bills generated $93,072.86, down a mere $279.45, the second consecutive monthly drop after three months of major gains.

Washburn, where receipts fell in four of the previous five months, took in $2,510.79 from its 1 percent sales tax to pay general bills, off $629.99 from a year ago.

Seligman, still struggling to rebound after a heavy drop in April, saw its 1 percent sales tax take in $10,694.14, up $3,924.39, 58 percent from last July.

Wheaton, where monthly revenues no longer have any predictability, saw its 1 percent general fund tax receive $11,345.87, up $6,009.20 or more than double last July. Wheaton's .5 percent tax for streets, in theory half of the general fund tax, received $2,710.62, up $753.10, or 38 percent.

Purdy returned to its winning ways, topping last year’s numbers for the sixth time in seven months. Purdy’s 1 percent sales tax for paying general bills produced $6,930.30 in July, up $1,478.22, or 27 percent, from a year ago to start the new fiscal year.

The 2019 Purdy general fund total of $41,957.47 is nearly $8,000 higher than last year’s pace.

Monett, as the largest municipal sales tax generator, saw the biggest dip, compared to a year ago. The two sales taxes collected for the general fund at a total of 1 percent generated $181,506.20, down $33,684.40, or 16 percent.

Four months into the new fiscal year, with big gains recorded in half of those months, Monett’s general fund revenues hit $692,522.70, up more than $14,000 over last year’s pace. The 2019 sum of $1,192,230.93 stands ahead of 2018 by more than $30,000.

Countywide taxes followed the municipal trend downward.

Barry County's two .5 percent sales taxes received $197,864.41 for the general fund, a drop of $31,931.52, while the tax for roads produced $197,871.85, down $31,894.68. It was the first drop after two months of improved revenues.

Barry County's separate sales tax supporting its 911 system produced $148,186.15 for the month, off $24,140.65 or 14 percent like the other county receipts for the month. For the year, the 911 receipts are down by 2 percent.

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