Local inventors take stress out of potty training

Wednesday, July 31, 2019
A local family realized specific obstacles while potty training and decided to help parents everywhere by developing the Potty Safe potty chair, which is available for purchase now. Stacy and Colt Hall are the inventors and owners of Potty Safe, while their children Emma Hall, 6, and Ty Hall, 2, are the inspiration. Contributed photo

Potty Safe chair for no mess, less stress experience

When potty training a child, parents come across a number of obstacles, including finding a way to dispose of the mess once a potty chair has been used.

Stacy Hall, co-inventor and co-owner of Potty Safe, said she and her husband Colt, both of Exeter, came up with the idea when potty training their daughter, and they have now turned it into a business.

“She loved to take out the waste bowl and help dump it,” she said. “Unfortunately, that resulted in a lot of the times everything being spilled on either her or the floor.”

Hall said she and her husband looked everywhere for a child proof potty training chair where the child couldn’t take out the waste bowl.

“I couldn’t find one, so we took matters into out own hands and made one,” she said. “The unique feature of our product is the patented latch.”

Hall said the Potty Safe chair is a no mess, less stress approach to potty training.

“Our daughter is 6 now, so we got the idea about four years ago,” she said. “But, in the last year or so, we decided to really go for it. We purchased molds and got our patent, and now we are about a year in the making.”

Hall said they are just now launching a sales effort and got invited on walmart.com.

“We are still working on getting on shelves and met with a buyer who liked it and plan to revisit with them soon,” she said. “As of right now, we are on Amazon, Walmart.com and Forever Yours Embroidery in Cassville.”

Hall said the Potty Safe chair is currently $18.99.

“My husband and I grew up in Washburn and we have lived in Exeter for about six years,” she said. “We are locals and have been here all our lives, I am an accountant and office manager and Colt is a welder.”

Hall said they both work their full-time jobs and are launching this new business on the side.

“It is so exciting, I mean it is nerve-raking at the same time, but we see our product out there and people sharing it and it is such a good feeling,” she said. “The feedback we get is that parents love the latch, that is the biggest thing, and they like how simple it is to clean.”

Hall said the Potty Safe chair is also unique because it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that often distract children.

“Children don’t end up using it as a toy and it is used for its intended purpose,” she said. “Parents also like that they can take it on the go with them.”

Hall said she and her husband take it camping with them.

“We also now have a 2-year-old boy,” she said. “It is great for both boys and girls. It has a built-in splash guard, a lot of the potty chairs on the market have a detachable splash guard that end up falling off.”

Hall said when they were potty training their daughter they had the homemade prototype, and with their son, they were able to use the finished product to potty train him.

“We had just started potty training our son when we first got our first round of product,” she said. “That was really exciting, and he does so well with it.”

Hall said when raising children, parents don’t need any additional cleaning tasks.

“I really don’t need to be mopping my bathroom floor multiple times a day,” she said. “We took our real-life, every-day issue with potty training and developed a tool based on that.”

Hall said potty training is a stressful enough adventure, and parents don’t want to worry about spills.

“Potty Safe really eliminates those spills and takes away some of the stress,” she said. “You get to celebrate your child’s successes with them instead of cleaning them up off the floor.”

Hall said on an entrepreneurial side of things, if you have a dream, go for it.

“We kind of had the motto that we didn’t want to sit back and think what if,” she said. “What if we had never gone after this? We felt like parents needed this and we didn’t want to regret the decision.

“One of my favorite sayings is, it is better to try and fail instead of failing to try.”

Hall said there is something really exciting in the works, but they can’t disclose it just yet.

“It is an amazing opportunity, and even though we can’t discuss it right now, we have some really exciting things in the works,” she said. “We do have ideas for future endeavors, but we are trying to get this one off the ground first.”

Hall said the Potty Safe chair is currently available in three colors: yellow, pink and light grey.

“We were chosen for the 2019 Creative Child-Product of the Year, 2019 Baby Maternity Top Choice Award, as well as the 2019 Family Choice Award,” she said. “These are huge honors and we are pretty excited about them. We also hold a utility patent on our Potty Safe.”

For more information about the Potty Safe, people can visit pottysafe.com.

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