Southwest is rolling out a new bus

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

New bus total cost is $85,835

The Southwest school district has purchased a new gasoline bus for the 2019-2020 school year with some debate over gas or diesel options.

Tosh Tilford, Southwest superintendent, said the board decided to purchase the bus for $85,835 instead of leasing.

“It is fiscally better to purchase the bus and own it rather than lease it for $60,000 and then have a pay off that would be more than the original $85,000,” she said. “The air ride is for the rough terrain, which our buses travel on the country roads.”

Tilford said all of the district’s buses have air ride regardless of diesel or gas.

“It is beneficial for our bus maintenance department to be able to work on the buses on site,” she said. “It saves the district the additional labor cost of outsourcing the bus to a garage.”

Tilford said in addition, gas vehicles are typically less expensive to work on related to diesel vehicles.

“Southwest school district purchases a new bus every school year,” she said. “The district is going to try the gas-powered bus and see how it performs overall.”

Tilford said the district has city routes in Seligman and long trips, for which this bus will be perfect.

“Having it will assist in making decisions about future bus purchases,” she said.

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