Wheaton accepts bid for streets project

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Santee, McCall, Goosetree streets to see work

The city of Wheaton has approved a $109,270 bid for a significant street paving project this summer, as the city received bids from two companies and went with Blevins Asphalt Construction Co.

David Shockley, Wheaton mayor, said the city received a bid from Hutchens Construction Co, which was $104,882, but left out an estimated additional $15,000 worth of work for Goosetree Street.

“We have had work done from both companies before,” he said. “We were happy with the work from both companies, and it really just came down to the price.”

Shockley said the city wanted to make sure there was a focus on Goosetree Street because it is probably the longest and is the worst damage wise in a certain spot — which is why only part of it will be done.

The streets and project prices of each street include:

• Santee Street, $52,140

• McCall Street, $17,010

• Goosetree Street, $19,800

• Parking area, $20,320

“Santee Street gets quite a bit of traffic and use,” he said. “Also, we have the new sidewalks over there so it will really tie that all together for the neighborhood.”

Shockley said Santee Street will be by far the biggest cost, but it gets a lot of use from people getting to and from school, as well.

“It has also been cut in so many places where we have had to cut across for utilities and such,” he said. “For the big picture, from Gardner Street east will be worked on.”

Shockley said there is one place that has been fixed before that just doesn’t seem to hold on Goosetree.

“They will excavate nine inches there,” he said. “Santee Street will be worked on from State Highway 86 all the way to Holmes Avenue.”

Shockley said McCall Street from Santee Street to State Highway W will also see work.

“It’s Goosetree Street from Gardner Avenue to Holmes Avenue,” he said. “Then, they will work on the parking area over by the baseball fields and playground where we have put in the new sidewalk.”

Shockley said from the bid, it sounds like all of McCall Street will be repaved from Santee Street to State Highway W.

“The last streets done were down by the old stock auction and the old fire house,” he said. “It has been a long time since we have done such a big street project like this.”

Shockley said over the years, street work has been done a little at a time.

“At the city council meeting, it was decided it would just be better to do all these streets as one big project rather than doing smaller projects each year,” he said. “We didn’t do any street work last year, and after a project like this, it may be a year or two before we can do more.”

Shockley said as of now, the city isn’t sure when Blevins will be able to get started.

“That is our main concern right now, and hopefully we can get going on the project before school starts,” he said. “It would be great if we can have it completed before school starts, but it really depends on what their timeline is.”

Shockley said there may be some sealing done next year, as there are several streets in town that need it.

“We are kind of behind right now, but we are working to make some headway on these projects,” he said. “Anything that we can do for the city to help is our priority.”

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