Southwest FFA hosts Officer Retreat

Wednesday, July 10, 2019
2019-2020 Southwest FFA officers include, front row, from left, Elizabeth Ross, Teresa Thompson, Ty Howard and Bonnie Robbins. Back row: Andy Cornell, Laney Moore, Macy Colf, Leland Colf, Aubrey Cornell. Contributed photo

On June 26, the Southwest FFA Officer team began three days together in Eureka Springs, Ark., on an Officer Retreat.

During these days, the students were challenged to team building, become better leaders, plan for the year and look for positive outcomes of the time spent. 

The first team building exercise on the agenda was grocery shopping with groups of three. This started off the retreat by establishing valuable communication skills. Once arriving in Eureka Springs and getting settled into the house, having all the groceries put away, they began doing workshops. The four returning officers, Leland Colf, Aubrey Cornell, Bonnie Robbins and Laney Moore, were all in charge of leading numerous workshops throughout the week. Colf began with one which entailed information on taking risks — when, who, and where it is appropriate to take risks. This workshop, and many others like it, benefited them greatly throughout the retreat. These workshops, as well as the previously developed, helped greatly when the time came to establish the 2019-2020 Program of Activities, as well as the goal and outcome of each event. 

They also were given a topic and asked to write a two- minute presentation about the topic. The topics varied from “the color red,” “the Smith-Hughes Act of 1917,” or “something other than FFA which you are passionate about.” The students presented these, and took critique from their peers, but were also told a number of good things which they did during their presentation. This led into more presentations, where the officers picked a quote and led a 15-minute group discussion about said quote. Their presentation included what it meant, and how it related to officers personally, and opened up discussion among their fellow officers.

Although it only being three days long, the officer team grew closer and grew individually. The workshops, public speaking, group discussions, and advice from older members were beneficial to individual growth and seeing leaders in all of them. The officers also spent bonding time at the lake, at Turpentine Creek, during pool tournaments, making s’mores and cooking each meal together.