Southwest school district in middle of renovations

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Tilford: ‘I walked in and tears came to my eyes’

The Southwest school district approved adding $169,000 from its district budget to the original $2.2 million bond issue Proposition K.I.D.S., Keep Improving District Schools, that passed on April 2, and projects are planned to be completed this summer and ready for students at the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year.

Tosha Tilford, Southwest superintendent, said everything is on schedule and running smoothly.

“At the lower elementary, ceilings have been changed and all electrical work has been updated,” she said. “The lighting in the building is complete, and painting is in progress. And, the new security door is being installed.”

Tilford said installation of flooring and windows are in progress, and there are a few classrooms already finished and furniture has started to be moved back into those rooms.

“There haven’t been any issues that CTS has not dealt with wonderfully,” she said.

Tilford said in the upper elementary school, all demolition is done.

“They have started painting and changing out windows,” she said. “My office being in the upper elementary has slowed down the work a bit, but not enough to get behind schedule.”

Tilford said the office will be moved this week and contractors will be able to continue with windows, floors and ceilings.

“The electrical and flooring is already done in the upper elementary building,” she said. “The bathrooms are gutted and is ready to have flooring and fixtures put back in, and all of the plumbing is already finished.”

Tilford said in the middle school, lights and painting have been completed, and the new middle school office has been reconfigured.

“All of the demolition and rebuild has been finished in all three buildings,” she said. “They will be starting flooring in the middle school this week.”

Tilford said the goal is to have this completely finished by Aug. 6, which is Southwest’s open house.

“They are assuring me that I will be able to get teachers in their rooms after Aug. 2,” she said. “The drainage project in front of the middle school hasn’t started yet, because the crews need so many days of dry weather before they can begin, but that project will only take a couple of days.”

Tilford said when she saw the work on the new middle school office just a couple of weeks ago, she noticed how different it was going to look.

“I walked in and tears came to my eyes,” she sad. “It is just so amazing.”

Tilford said she is from Washburn and went to school at Southwest from K-12.

“I am so excited to be able to give these students the best of everything,” she said. “I cannot wait to see the faces of students, parents and staff when they see all of this.”

Tilford said she is so proud and appreciative of the patrons for voting for the proposition.

“Our students are definitely worth it,” she said.

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