Bob Mitchell: Independence declaration

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Tomorrow, July 4, 2019, marks the 243rd year since the passage of the Declaration of Independence, which has guided this, the oldest existing democracy on the globe.

Many of those men of the first congress of the country, later suffered hardships they never thought possible as a result of being involved in this important step.

Their families also suffered and many lost their holdings in land, business and money in retaliation for being involved in this important step in creating what would today become these United States of America.

Resolutions were frequently approved without a negative vote.

Do you think this type of agreement would ever become evident under today’s way of thinking by those making decisions?

What about today?

Some people these days realize there are problems connected with the Declaration of Independence, while others are either a part of trying to usurp important parts of the document to please their own desires and the third group would do away with the document and work their will in a new fashion on the 50 states of this nation.

While some of these groups are working their methods to accomplish their ends, others are setting back out of the way and not taking any measures to preserve the nation.

Perhaps it will take attending an Independence Day observance in 2019 to remind those outside this group of what action they might exert in these different times that America faces right now.

Future generations

Heading my concern has to do with nine great-grandchildren that could easily miss out on the freedoms accorded today’s generation under the rule of the Declaration of Independence which we have enjoyed for all these years.

Some of them are nearing the age that they might begin understanding that their lives are governed by the finest set of rules ever devised by man. The assurance in this document that freedoms are supposed to be available for all in this USA is being squeezed beyond its limits like only once before and that attempt resulted in a president leaving office in disgrace.

These young people and the millions of others in their standing wouldn’t have any idea of what freedom meant if the designs of some these days were to go into effect.

For their sake alone, preservation of the Declaration of Independence and all its provisions remain intact and not be disturbed by the wishes of any individual or party that exists today or might come by in years ahead.

A historical note

On Independence Day, 1826, two of the leading designers and signers of the Declaration of Independence passed away. First to go was Thomas Jefferson, followed a few short hours later by John Adams.

Each had in their last words remarks favoring the document and praise for the part each had played in its promotion and design.

Support available

Ample support for the Declaration of Independence is available in the government and throughout this land, but that doesn’t mean any of these well-thinking types should for one minute let their vigilance decrease when defending the Constitution.

There are those taking an important step toward preservation of this document with a simple addition to their prayers. It’s a simple request, “God, save these United States of America!”

Happy holiday

Have a joyous Fourth of July with friends and family. Make it a safe event whatever the type of observance you might choose. This is the wish of the Mitchell family, wherever they might be.

Go back to whatever you were doing before the holiday with all of your fingers!

Time for month change

As we move into the seventh month of the year, there is some doubt in my mind that the tomatoes that have appeared on my vines will be anything near ripe by the traditional date of July 4.

Fact is, the patch barely escaped complete destruction during a recent wind burst when an ornamental pear tree split and came crashing to the ground about 10 feet from the loaded patch. Someone had to be looking out for our interest in this instance.

Fishing advice

Best angling this month, says the Almanac, runs July 17th through 21st—a pretty good stretch for this time of the year. Good fishing is listed on 1st, 2nd, 10th, 11th, 14th through 16th, and 21st and 30th.

Weather tends to be about normal for most of the country until the mid-point of the month arrives when there is a possibility of Canada sending some cooler weather and perhaps making some changes for the Rocky Mountain areas and eastward.

With normal temperatures hanging around for most of the month, this surge of cooler temperatures might well be welcome for most. This might be followed by another heat wave and then toward the end of the month, there is a prediction for more cooling temps.

Bob Mitchell is the former editor and publisher of the Cassville Democrat. He is a 2017 inductee to both the Missouri Press Association Hall of Fame and Missouri Southern State University’s Regional Media Hall of Fame.