Seligman street project hits road block

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

City determining right-of-way, storm water tying into project

The city of Seligman is planning renovations on Frost Street, and although the work has hit a few road blocks, the city is making headway on the project.

Brian Nichols, Seligman city clerk, said Frost Street has not been repaved in the last 10 years.

“In looking at repaving the entire road, which is over 2,600 feet of asphalt work to be done, there is always the question of making sure that the center line of the road is the true center,” he said.

Nichols said the point is to avoid the road encroaching too far onto someone’s property.

“To have a property survey done of 32 properties, or the entire length of Frost Street, it would cost about $4,000,” he said. “We are really only questioning the farthest west point of the road, which would be seven properties on one side of the road that we would like the survey work to be done to.”

Nichols said the maps they have been using to determine rights-of-way are from the 1970s.

“The pins for the property, in theory, should never move,” he said. “But, there is conflicting information on them.

“When we take a GIS map and throw an areal view on top of it, it doesn’t match perfectly.”

Nichols said the main reason for this is the scale difference between the maps.

“We want to make sure that the Frost and Eggleston Street intersection is centered and we aren’t approaching someone’s property,” he said. “We do also have some major storm water issues over there, and we are looking at two different options for a solution.”

Nichols said all work like that has to be done around the proper rights-of-way.

“We want to get it done the first time,” he said. “We ordered culverts to go under the intersection Frost and Eggleston, and those have been installed. We replaced the culvert at Rolling Hills, and the ditch line running down Eggleston Street has already been cleaned out to allow for the additional water flow there.”

Nichols said there are still two driveway culverts to be replaced.

“We have already purchased the equipment and everything is staged,” he said. “We are now just waiting on the opportunity to finish it up.”

Nichols said there is a lot of storm water work to be done, and the reason for the holdup on the Frost Street repaving is to get it all done as efficiently as possible with out wasting money and time.

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