Vision 150 projects underway

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Asbill: ‘A really positive experience for us’

The Cassville school district has been working toward the list of projects that are a part of the Proposition Vision 150, $4 million no-tax increase bond issue that was passed in April.

Projects include expansion of the early childhood programs, renovation of classrooms in the “vintage wing,” security upgrades and ADA playground accessibility.

Richard Asbill, Cassville superintendent, said the focus right now for summer projects are the first- and second-grade renovation with the cabinets.

“The framing for the cabinets is scheduled to be installed by July 25,” he said. “We are on schedule for that.”

Asbill said the security camera upgrades are in progress and should be finished by August.

“We have some whiteboards for the first- and second-grade classrooms that are also scheduled to be finished on Aug. 1,” he said. “The old chalkboards have been taken down.”

Asbill said the proposals for the intercom communication system for the district are in.

“We are reviewing them and hope to have that project some time next week,” he said. “Our goal on that is really Sept. 1. We still have the old system so we are staying with that goal.”

Asbill said there is also engineering and architectural work on the early childhood facility that is in progress.

“We hope to have the architectural plan documents for the board to review in August,” he said. “The vintage wing renovation engineering and architecture design plans and scope of work is also in progress, but that will most likely be ready in late August or the first part of September.”

Asbill said the electrical upgrades for the power supply is in progress.

“The drain project for the elementary is a partnership with the city, materials are delivered and the city is in progress on that project,” he said. “It is a separate project that the city has taken on for us, but it is also important to the success of the other projects.”

Asbill said everything is moving forward as planned.

“When we got into the demo of the first- and second-grade rooms, we did run into a few hiccups,” he said. “That building was built in two different portions, so we had an older water and sewer line in some of those rooms than what was in the other, and they connected at different spots, so that was a little challenging, but we were able to work through that.”

Asbill said the maintenance department has done a great job of accommodating the systems.

“We really appreciate Bud Lowe Construction for assisting us with the framing, which captured some time so we didn’t fall further behind,” he said. “They knocked it out in two or three days, and that was a really positive experience for us.”

Asbill said the summer school teachers have done so well through these projects.

“We moved every one to the intermediate building and shifted a few things around,” he said. “It has also been a positive experience because we were able to finish the high school cleaning and waxing and move directly into the primary, it has worked out very well for us.”

Asbill said the concession stand at the football field is coming along nicely.

“We expect that to be finished around the first part of July,” he said. “The plumbing is all in, and when the wall work is finished, the partitions will go in.”

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