No more wading through water

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Cassville city, school district work together on flooding project

Work has started on East 14th Street by the Cassville school, to construct improvements adjacent to the elementary school aiming to keep patrons of the district from battling flowing water during rainy days.

It will require the temporary closure of East 14th Street, between Harold and Fair streets over the next several weeks. The road closure is needed to isolate heavy equipment and workers constructing the storm sewer.

The project is a cooperative effort between the Cassville school district and the city of Cassville, and it is intended to reduce or eliminate surface water runoff at the pedestrian crossing for the elementary school.

The closure was expected to begin on Friday and last through the month of July.

The start of construction and expected completion date are dependent upon suitable weather, materials availability and other factors.

Drivers are advised to detour around the closure using either Harold or Fair Streets and to remain aware of equipment and personnel that will be working and moving materials through the area.

David Brock, city of Cassville public works director, said there will be some sidewalks that will have to come out, but they will be put back.

“When the students cross the street to get to the elementary school and it is raining, they are walking through 6-7 inches of water running down the edge of the road,” he said. “The school built a small wooden bridge, but that was just a temporary solution.”

Brock said this project is intended to be a permanent solution.

“We are going to put in some pipe and inlets in uphill from the crosswalk and hopefully that will catch all the water and put it underground,” he said. “That will eliminate students and patrons from having to walk through the water when it rains.”

Brock said it is a 400-foot stretch of East 14th Street that will be worked on.

“We are putting in two inlets and 400 feet of buried pipe,” he said. “The plan is to get this finished up before school starts.”

Brock said city crew are doing a majority of the work, but the school maintenance workers are also making a contribution.

“We have had an unbelievably wet spring, and we hope that turns around so we can continue to work on the project,” he said.

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