Purdy schools busting test stress

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Purdy school try new activities around testing time

The Purdy school district is implementing a plan aimed at reducing stress for students during state testing time.

Julie Dalton, Purdy pre-k through sixth-grade principal, said the idea came to her from Superintendent Mindi Gates.

“She sent me the link, and I took my own spin on it,” she said. “I got some cinch back-packs and put smart cookies and a list of activities like brain-breaks in them so the students had a chance to have fun in learning and not have it all about MAP and the stress of a test.”

Dalton said the activities included things like a kickball tournament and a human hungry hungry hippo game.

“I told the students and staff to take an hour out of the day to let the students have some fun,” she said. “They really enjoyed it, and I got a lot of great feedback.”

Dalton said the staff and students are looking forward to it for next year and are excited to have the same kind of opportunity.

“I noticed the students were calmer and tested great,” she said. “They had a chance to expel a bunch of energy and focus on fun for a little while, so that really helped them focus on the testing without feeling as stressed about it.”

Dalton said she has some ideas to work through next year to get the best out of the MAP activities.

“I see the advantage of this, how the students react and the positive feedback from the teachers,” she said. “There are some things that I would like to try next year, and I will sit and discuss all of that with Mindi Gates so we can come up with a plan that works for everyone.”

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