Making headway on the Cassville Crowder expansion project

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

$150,000 donated to add to the funding for the project

The Cassville Crowder campus recently received a $150,000 donation for the renovation and expansion project from the Sunderland Foundation.

In 2017, the Sunderland Foundation provided $150,000 to the college for the Freeman Roughrider Fieldhouse in Neosho.

The Cassville campus’ $2.1 million construction project is underway and making quick progress.

After its completion in 2020, there will be more than 5,300 square feet added to the administrative building, and another 4,790 square feet will be remodeled to offer the staff and students the best environment for further education.

Last year, former State Rep. and now State Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick appropriated $1.33 million for the project. Crowder College has committed some of it reserves to the project, with the rest of the funding coming from donations.

Jim Cullumber, director of Institutional Advancement, said he is excited that a group outside the immediate area sees the value of this project in Cassville.

“The Sunderland Foundation makes it a priority to support higher education in an area that was served by the Ash Grove Cement Company, which was owned by the person who established the Sunderland Foundation,” he said. “For a group out of Kansas to take interest in what we are doing here in Southwest Missouri is really exciting.”

Cullumber said his hope is that this can serve as a motivating factor that will encourage Cassville and Barry County residents and businesses to participate in the project.

“The Crowder College board of trustees has already pledged a little more than $400,000 to this project,” he said. “We hope people and businesses in the area will see the value in this expansion project and will be willing to partner with us.”

Cullumber said the college is offering a three-year pledge period for a business that wants to make a large donation but spread the payments out over three years.

“We are proud to be able to offer this kind of programming to students outside of our main areas,” he said. “I’m shocked at the number of students that come up from Arkansas for this, so we are really reaching outside of Southwest Missouri and servicing these students educationally and professionally.”

Cullumber said what he feels is exciting is that with the expansion and renovations, the new campus will look amazing.

“The architects were able to make the designs so that the exterior really copmlements the other facilities we have,” he said. “That will help our brand, and it will look more like a college.”

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